Kinect and Move Spark Growing Industry and Consumer Concerns

At this point in the current console generation, players have come to know what to expect from each of the three contending companies, and players looking for a more traditional experience than the often criticized mechanics and software Wii has to offer have purchased the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3. Not surprisingly, the announcement of Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s PlayStation Move have sparked consumer fears that the focus both industry giants have promised to place on their respective peripherals means that the aforementioned experience may suffer as a result. Effectively, both companies are splitting their demographics and will have to ensure they can keep both the new and old users happy.

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Rob Hornecker3959d ago

I can see the authors idea behind this story. My biggest fear is that these new motion controllers will end up like the PS2 eye toy did. When the eye toy was released it was going to change the way we play games forever! To bad it was for not! It lacked support not only from Sony,but 3rd party software as well.

I have a bad feeling that history may repeat itself. With the talk starting up of the next generation of game consoles showing up on the web,why should we waste money of these D.O.A peripherals for systems that are going to phased out in a year or 2. If they would have brought these motion controllers out 3 years ago,they would have been onto something!

Johnny Rotten3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

whether it's Kinect or Move, I have a feeling they'll both end up in a shoe box stuffed under some kids bed for most of their life.

Smootherkuzz3959d ago

Support seems to coming for both. Eye toy was before its time but it still had a small list of games over the years, now the focus is on these type of controllers so I think we will see some good things as 3rd party releases more content say maybe late 2011 and beyond. New things will come for these type of controllers because thats the direction all electronics are headed in hands free, voice commands and smarter CPU,better graphics like 3d and or holograms.We will adapt to it, because we all like new things no matter how crazy they are, its in our blood.Which system will be better?it will not matter because they all have same in result fun for all.

Rob Hornecker3959d ago

LOL! I'm trying my best to keep a positive outlook on these new peripherals and like Mantisimo has done will be getting both the sony and MS controls when they come out. The 360 will get the Total package with a new style slim/Kinect package this fall.

Like Mantisimo also said ," I love using my controller" and call me old school, but I kind's of like the hands on approach to gaming.

Time will tell if this become dust bunny collectors or the future of video games.

mantisimo3959d ago

Only time will tell m8e only time will tell :)

mantisimo3959d ago

and have cleared a space and emptied a shoe box under my kids bed.

I still hope they don't have much success with either, I love my controller and my games as they are.

If they make AAA games and give you an option to use either and it doesn't feel as though the move or kinect has taken away from the controller used experience then I will have nothing to complain about.

BUT if the motion controller affects the gameplay or excludes the use of normal controls on a special title I will be very very upset.

Gr813959d ago

Would be better served doing what they do best. And not trying to shoehorn Motion Controls onto their consoles. Their core demographic bought these systems because they stuck with the classical type controllers and games. Trying to become Wii like is only going to piss those fans off.

Additionally, add on tech has ALWAYS had a hard time catching on. And to be doing this this late in the game is really not the smartest move goign forward. Also they have to realize it wasn't only Motion Controls that sold Wii, it was the software that uses it.

Kinect Sports, and Move Sports ain't gonna cut it. As we all experienced this 4 yrs ago. Then there is the price of entry. If you already own a PS3, then you pay 100$ for a Move set up, but Sony described their goal as getting the Wii owner to invest, so that means that the price of entry becomes $300+$100 which =$400 That's twice as much as the Wii which comes with WS and WSR. Which software is a better hardware seller, WSR or Kinect/Move sports? No comparison.

Also, why would a publisher invest in add on tech? At this stage of the game? That's not smart either. I just don't feel either competitor is serious with this endeavor. And as long as they give their consumer the optional support of kinect or Move, that means no one will fully support it because its not a neccessity. And Any Wii gamer can tell you that the games that give the option of Motion Controls, aren't really as engaging as those that require them. Who'd want to play WSR with a GameCube controller?

We'll see though. Maybe they can both pull rabbits out their ass.

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