The Reasons Microsoft Is the Real Winner this Console Generation

Last console generation (the sixth), Sony’s PS2 was so dominant that folks barely ever noticed the other players on the field; that’s how dominant Sony were. It had all the great franchises: GTA, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy and most other big hitters you could recollect called the PS2 home, exclusively.

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Nitrowolf23964d ago

"This console generation will soon be out, as Microsoft will soon release it’s next, next gen console and rest assured, Sony will not allow Redmond to release before them."

he makes it sound like next year or something
I don't see this gen being over till 2014-15 at least for Sony

knightdarkbox3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

I'm glad to see 360 selling well. But I keep sales on the periphery. I don't need statisticians to tell me the 360 is doing well. It's obvious that it is.

anyway Halo: Reach and Natal will definitely help them reach 50 mil by end of Holidays.

mark my words..

GreenRingOfLife3963d ago

They are already well ahead of PS3

Plus with the boost of Xbox 360 slim sales, the lead is now getting even larger

IMO if $ony wants to win next gen then they need to release a console thats not $599 at launch. Thats why Wii and 360 are so succesfull is because they are much more affordable

Godmars2903963d ago

Then they should be comfortable releasing their next console around the same time as Sony and Nintendo. Not a year earlier under conditions that create controversy about the reliability of their product. So much so they'll have to set aside a billion to cover repairs.

dangert123964d ago

the real winners are the gamers
as the has been great games on all formats
but if were talking about the providers nintendi stormed this gen with ease

Godmars2903963d ago

Actually wouldn't call this a great gen for gaming. Sure online has come to consoles, but now that established community is largely being used as a crutch with such things as achievement points, trophies and DLC. Sprite-based graphics have taken a serious hit on HD consoles and aren't even common on handhelds.

Karooo3964d ago

PS3 single handedly won the format war, still hasnt hit the mass market price of 200$

Success of blu ray is more important for sony than bring in second place

Dont give this lame site hits people boycott it.

Terarmzar3964d ago

I Have nothing against the Xbox 360 but they only thing i see it as a winner in is their Online community which is due from Xbox Live.

ElementX3964d ago

They are all winners, I know it sounds cliche but it's true. 360 outsold the original Xbox even with RROD issues. Nintendo is blowing everything away, and Sony delivers the best exclusives. There are plenty of customers to go around for all the consoles, I own all 3! I'm sure there are many people who own more than one gaming system this generation.

dizzleK3964d ago

it's because real gamers know that the best games and best features are only to be found on the microsoft xbox 360, including the revolutionary kinect where "your body is the controller"!

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