Impenetrable Car Article: Which exclusive Gran Turismo 5 pre-order car takes the pole position?

Gran Turismo 5 is finally available for pre-order, we compare the exclusive Amazon/Gamestop cars

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LCS_Furious_Dre3962d ago

Everything about this game is in 1st place

MariaHelFutura3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Which ever one that has GT5 in it and is the quickest to get into my hands and back to my house. I`m dead serious. I just bought Need for Speed Shift out of hype for GT5.

Terarmzar3962d ago

I want to get the GT5 collection for this game, the developers deserve every penny for making an outstanding game.So great it's not even released but is awesome and Polyphony can only go forward.

despair3961d ago

yea and the GT-R model alone is worth at least $40 of the Collector edition and its only $100 bucks, that's not even including the 300 page book, keychain and exclusive content...sounds like icing on an already delicious cake.

punisher993961d ago

Nice cars indeed. I'm just hoping my avatar makes it into this game. Which happens to be the current world's fastest production car, the american made "SSC Ultimate Aero" 1287hp, weighs about 2,750lbs

asdf123961d ago

I see the bugatti veyron as a more impressive car, because it weighs 4,162 tonnes and the SSC is only 4 mph faster.

And it's full of technology and luxury.

punisher993961d ago

4mph is a big difference when you count the fact that it takes so much force to move a car from 250 to 252mph. The Veyron weighs roughly 4,400lbs but its not a big deal because its an all wheel drive car where as the Ultimate Aero is rear wheel drive. Yes the Veyron has the technology edge, but the Ultimate Aero is not a stripped out racer either. Its got great luxury offerings. It offers pretty much everything you will find in a luxury sedan as well as its interior is made mostly of Alcantara, leather, and carbon fiber.

despair3961d ago

ahh but does it guzzle a full, very large tank of gas in 12 minutes all out :)

Terarmzar3961d ago

The whole purpose of the SSC Ultimate Aero was solely to be faster than the veyron, which also leads to that car not being a very good everyday can unlike the veyron. Know worry there's another veyron coming out with less of the luxury accessory and a little more horsepower, so then tell me which ones faster

punisher993961d ago

@Tazz1992: Well just take this into consideration. The Ultimate Aero broke the record when it only had 1184hp which was back in 2007. The new ones now have 1287hp and a slight increase in aerodynamics. The Veyron did its top speed run on a perfectly paved track where as the Ultimate Aero used a public highway. Now I'm not taking anything away from the Veyron its a phenominal car. But if the Ultimate Aero could have used that same track, experts say it probably would have it 265mph. Europe will eventually have the top speed record again. Because the U.S. just doesnt have a big enough oval for it.

crazyturkey3961d ago

the McLaren F1, I'm pre-ordering.

ManBearPork3961d ago

I liked it more when games had just 1 special dlc preorder. Now every single store has a different one it is impossible to easely get them all..

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The story is too old to be commented.