Downsides Down Under: Censorship in Australia

DualShockers writes, "If you live in America and are feeling annoyed when your favorite politicians decide that anti-videogame legislation is the perfect way to appear family friendly without pissing off anyone important, take a look at some of your neighbors around the world and you’ll realize we actually have it pretty good. Plenty of countries are much more strict about what they want their citizens seeing, sometimes in bizarre ways..."

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Taran3029d ago

Wow thank god that I dont live in Australia or i would only own like 2 games lol

thevokillist3029d ago

I would probably be playing Rock Band 2 all day. Wow. I think my soul just threw up a little...

JoelT3029d ago

That games cost about half the price of a console!

Hitman07693029d ago

Do we live in a world afraid of fictional art but okay with murder and mayhem on reality TV War reports every day? What is wrong with that picture?

3027d ago