The Halo Franchise Is Getting Boring

Game Judgment - I've been a fan of the Halo franchise for years, I guess you could call me a Master Chief fan boy. Lately I feel like the series is getting boring, I won't be satisfied unless Halo: Reach shakes the series up a bit.

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LCS_Furious_Dre3964d ago

Halo is one of the greatest shooting games of all time. The sole reason alone that Furious Dre owns an XBOX 360.

knightdarkbox3964d ago

Most people buy Halo games because they are good games and fun to play not because of the name. Perhaps the name Halo has become associated with a great gaming experience, and like Halo or not it is an amazing franchise. Personally I don't care if they continue to make Halo games as long as they maintain the high quality gameplay.

pat_11_53964d ago

I disagree, there are a lot of blinded fan boys out there. They see "Halo" on the box and go "OMGZ." I love the series and some may call me a fan boy but like you I love it because it is fun to play not just because the Master Chief is plastered across the cover.

LCS_Furious_Dre3964d ago

Well i personally believe HALO is one of the greatest shooting experiences i have ever partaken.

4 player campeign coop
Level Editor
Replays (across every action)
Full vehical support
Great overall complete story
One of the greatest online shooters
BEST match making system by todays standards.

i could go on all day preaching the greatness of halo. BUT. since the game has already spoken for itself i can carry on with my day

TheSleepyGamer3964d ago

The best evidence of this is the pretty huge sales of Halo Wars. Most people bought that simply because it was a Halo title not for the RTS gameplay.

I still play Halo Wars online a lot and the population dropped pretty quickly once the fan boys realised they don't actually like RTS'.

-Alpha3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Gotta love how nobody cries "flamebait" when it's Halo getting bashed.

I enjoy Halo, and continue to do so. The fact that it's still one of the most played games this gen after staying on the market for so long shows that the game has something that still interests a lot of players.

Of course, you are entitled to think it's boring, but I enjoy it, the formula works great, and it's fun.

Spydr073963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Agree with Alpha. I never cared for Halo myself, but to say it wasn't a quality game is just living in denial. The game is very well balanced and the weapons have a real quality feel to them.

Regardless of your choice of console or whether or not the game appealed to you, you should be able to admit that the game is class. Well, at least the multiplayer portion of it.

Hideo_Kojima3963d ago

That is so true...
I bet this is how the idea went down at MS...

Guy 1: Hey how about we make a new Halo and have another developing team make it to see if it still sells...

Guy 2: Oh it will definitely sell its Halo, I bet you it will sell even if its not a FPS

Guy 1: Halo RTS not made by Bungie you got it... now shake on it...

IrishAssa3963d ago

I don't know why I like it so much, i've never played any other game like it though, the sort of style it has if you know what I mean. For example back in Halo 1, you have a small army around a covenant ship and think your going to kick ass, this is also the first time you meet hunters. Music goes on and your sitting there thinking "what the Fuc* is this?" all allies go down very quick and your left there sitting behind a rock with your sniper rifle.

Also when you face off against gold elites one on one is really fun, they feel like proper enemies who can match you up. Also wanting to keep your allies alive for some reason. I always tried to keep the ODST's on the level "Delta Halo" alive. I don't know why I just needed too.

There's also vehicles which are the most fun to drive in a shoote, even though they aren't creative at all in the types of vehicles in it and there's the epic music.

When you discover the flood in Halo 1 is fuc*ing supreme aswell

van-essa3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

of course it's boring, it's doesn't have the "only on PS3 tag".

BiggCMan3963d ago

some things i love about halo.
1.its very well balanced, which makes it fair for everyone. actually takes skill to kill someone, gotta get there shields down usually by headshot etc...
3.its pace is not as fast as other shooters, i like that. its very relaxing.
4.and above all. its just loads of fun to play, whether online multiplayer or local.

blitz06233963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Wow you guys don't even bother talking about the article. You all talk about how great/bad the series is, but the point of this is trying to explain why the series is getting boring.

No one said it wasn't good. It's just getting hyped and milked like there's no tomorrow, and the article is trying to say that. Just like Logical Madness said, Halo Wars was bought by these people just because of the title.

pustulio3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )


Let's start an article and aprove it so it gets a shitstorm my the PS3 fanboys that flood this website!


Until reach yeah it was getting boring Halo 3 was a dissapointment.

Reach brings some innovation to the franchise not just new maps and another short campaing.

Diamondwolf3962d ago

If your a fanboy, you label other fanboys by their console. if your a gamer, you know that they all are the same so you just call them fanboys. Thanks pustulio for that epiphany.

Jaces3962d ago

"Most people buy Halo games because they are good games and fun to play not because of the name"

And yet you had kids out there that bought Halo Wars and found nothing but dissapointment cause they thought it was their favourite shooter...not RTS. The name sells, not saying the game is not fun cause I enjoy the hell out of least I did with 1 and 2.

1Victor3962d ago

Till contact harvest then it'll get boring

IaMs123962d ago

Haha i love it how people are blind because they like something YOU do not like. Anyone says Halo here its like the end of the world. Why the hate for halo?

Same thing could be said for many other games. Im starting again to really hate the people on this site. Your blinded!

Although, Halo is an awesome franchise always loved it. Reason i think everyone does it just has the feeling that clicks for a lot of people. But ya its been old for a good time now but still fun to play with friends every once in awhile.
Speaking of which Friday coming up im going back up to my college meet some friends and to what?! have a Halo night?!? What!? Hmmm too be honest thats the only game i have heard of having a game night....

BABY-JEDI3962d ago

& the sheer numbers online prove it! THE END. ; )

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Donny3963d ago

halo is overrated, but not bad.

deadreckoning6663963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

I don't think its overrated. Its the most feature packed console FPS out there. The only game I can think of that comes close to matching Halo 3 on features and value is Uncharted 2.

All this really won't matter for much longer since Reach will be the last Halo game Bungie will make. But I still enjoy Halo very much and believe me...I'm not the only one :)

"Gotta love how nobody cries "flamebait" when it's Halo getting bashed"

LOL, but if a PS3 exclusive gets bashed..theres a HUGE shitstorm. We know what goes down on this site. Its a shame this site is so biased. Its the reason I'm slowly making the move to Gamespot's forums. The maturity level there is astounding when compared to that of N4G.

Destructoid has a great community as well. When someone disagrees with you, they ACTUALLY tell you why they disagreed with you in a logical manner...much like a normal human :)

Jinxstar3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Dead Reckoning.

Of console FPS's I would say Unreal Tournament 3 is probably the most feature packed game. Note I have not played MAG. UT3 had so many vehicles and weapons and variety in landscapes and levels and if you owned the PS3 version you had mouse/keyboard support and could mod your own levels. Heck I even remember someone making a lego land for the PS3 version...

That too me is much more full featured then letting you move boxes and spawn point imo... Granted the campaign could have been more fun(Not taht halo's campaigns ever did much for me either though but map sizes range from very small to incredibly large. It has great balance, pace, variety in modes and offers a ton of things... My opinion though... I just wish it had more in the way of a reward system...

I told you why I disagree with you. In a logical manner.

pippoppow3963d ago

"The maturity level there is astounding when compared to that of N4G."
Dead stating Gamespot having better forum members.

Funny, Gamespot has some of the most immature kids posting on there. It's almost cult like.

I think the best place to post would probably be Neogaf if you want more mature interactions. The thing is are you and many others here and around the Net mature enough.

I notice how N4G being pro Sony is making people who prefer the 360 upset. Sure it gets out of hand but I think many Sony fans have had it with those fanatical 30 fans who still are negative to Sony especially now since they clearly have the best bang for the buck.

Donny3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

If they put your brain in a bird, it would fly backwards.

farhsa20083963d ago

Halo has been boring ever since the 2nd one came out.

playstation_clan3963d ago ShowReplies(2)
ForROME3963d ago

Totally agree, if it wasnt for HALO I would have never explored the idea of an xbox back in the day, but there was no denying Bungie was onto something, with the co op and the story line, back from when it was prototyped for mac days


MSpence5163963d ago

I for one, bought an xbox for KOTOR, and then played Halo afterwards. Needless to say, I was not disappointed.

DeadIIIRed3962d ago

I remember walking out of Target with my original Xbox and copy of Halo having no idea what was in store for me. Good times

Boody-Bandit3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

I think the market is just completely over saturated with shooters this generation. It is, maybe was (I am started to get slightly tired of them if I am being totally honest), my favorite genre but come on man, it's getting ridiculous how many shooters that are out and upcoming.

I doubt I will ever completely stop playing shooters but lately I am interested in platform, action adventure and fighting games again. Of course I will buy Reach, Gears3, KZ3, Ops, etc, but I am not as excited for them as I use to be in the past years.

People might think this is silly but what I like most about Halo is the music. Every time I hear it I just want to blow some shit up!

ABizzel13963d ago

Let be real most people buy Halo, because of the online. Halo was one of the first games to really get people into online gaming on consoles, especially the Xbox.

Halo Combat Evolved was really the only good game on the Xbox so a lot of people bought it, because they had nothing else worth buying, but it was a good game.

Halo 2 added online, and basically dropped the single player (Single player was lacking in Halo 2), and people went crazy because you could play online with your friends. That is what made Halo what it is today. And no it hasn't evolved as much as other games, since part 2 other than online community features since that's what their main focus is. Hopefully Reach will bring them back, and be as good as the first, because they lost me after that as far as single player goes.

We'll see what 343 does with it.

EvilBlackCat3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

"Bungie keeps putting out sequels that play identical to the last game"

what a damn fucking retard

"Space combat looks interesting but I don’t see it being in multi-player at all."

So its not for you? mmm what about the rest of those gamers who like it?

"Bungie needs to focus on the community aspects that made Halo 2 so great."

I really wanna know what the hell he means because they are waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy better in this aspect this time.

"With Halo 2, I’d come home from school and hop onto Xbox Live, there would always be someone to play with."

Because your friends now grow up and have a lot of responsibilities to do you lonely creature but also because there is a lot of games out that entertain gamers too.

"Sometimes my friends would just hang out in a level and mess around for hours."

Uhhh... blame it on them jackass

"The last few titles in the series, although they had some wide open levels, didn’t really seem to have the same sense of scope that the original Halo had."

We lose him here.

EVILDEAD3603963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

This guy pretends he's a Halo fanboy but any true fan can see right through this blog.

ANYBODY could have written this from reading about Halo and never playing it at all.

Real fans recognize REAL fans of Halo..just like gamers recognize real gamers who have passion for this hobby.

This guy pretends that the trilogy Halo is only about dual wielding..and being a space marine? Fail

He pretends that the most unprecedented Matchmaking system of H2 & H3 is comparable to Perfect dark?? LMFAO

He pretends he's looking for more out of Halo..but Bungie brought something new to the table EVERY go-around..

H3's online variety alone still has not been touched..he blew it completely fact if you read's like he never even played H3 online

He then proves that he never even played ODST..Halo FANS werent the ones complaining about the campaign or the online offerings..why? Because it was made for the fans..period

The funny part of this is there is a hater on that is in EVERY Halo article that repeats these same complaints VERBATIM..

Well, it's one guys opinion..good for him

For real fans..

Halo: CE was an absolute masterpiece..I can go on for days about the memories..the first time I played Silent Cartographer etc...The co-op..driving a Wathog..but it was the split screen and the system link that made Halo the modern day (at the time) Golden Eye..many can attest playing with huge groups for hours on end..I got invited once to an abandoned dorm that had nothing but TVs and Xbox's system linked to play Halo on the weekends

H2 brought online console gaming to a new level..I couldnt even count the hours I spent onlne with H2 f I wanted fact..when the 360 dropped we all played it even more..until H3

I have NEVER in my life experienced the anticipation of a game like spending 3 hours on line at the midnight launch to pick up my legenday edition..My helmet is still obn the entertainment stand

H3 brought the amazing 4 player co-op..Theater was like a miracle this day..nothing comes close to the hours that millions of fans have logged with H3..

ODST's story was a breathe of fresh air..the three times lines that converged throughout was completely unique to every Halo before it..The flying level alone was f-ing priceless..Firefight was a complete f-ing blast with four friends

The Reach beta kept us up till 2 in the morning laughing our @sses off dusting off our Halo skills with the new modes..The Jetpacks even made CTF a new experience..Invasion and Headhunter were pure crack

This guy's opinion isn't close to controversial..Halo bashing has been the top of every fankid of the other consoles for years.

The only thing that matters though are the Halo fans that support the game and that Bungie is about to bless us with the best Halo since Combat Evolved come September..Firefight 2.0 FTW

It's truly a great time to be a gamer..


MadMan003962d ago

How does 70+ people disagree with you? I mean Halo is the most sold FPS this Gen and beats any game on PS3, Xbox and Wii in sales.

Something that sells THAT good it not even possible to be a shity game...Probalby like 85% of the disagrees are PS3 fanboys... Note to fanboys I have never ever bought a Halo game and never will.

otherZinc3962d ago

Halo is a tremendous game by all standards, with some of the best aspects of any video game.

Also, what shooter has more features than Halo, especially features that work?

I can also go all day on what Halo does & the progression from Halo to halo:ODST. The next Firefight will be much better than ODST: progression, that's what the Halo Series is all about.

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pat_11_53964d ago

Halo is one of the only reasons why I own an Xbox 360 and why I eventually bought an Xbox. I've been there since the beginning, I just feel like the series is starting to seem stale. You can't just keep releasing the same game with more weapons. Especially when it was Halo:Combat Evolved's simplicity that made it so amazing.

SOAD3963d ago

That sounds like a contradiction. If the simplicity of Halo CE is what makes it so amazing, then why would you say that the game is getting stale if they retain that simplicity while adding new maps and weapons? Do you want the game to remain simple?

dizzleK3964d ago

personally i'm not tired of them yet. i even really liked ODST. they're just fun and i honestly can't put my finger on why.

i'm probably the only person on earth who buys halo games for the sp campaign.

SixZeroFour3963d ago

im not tired of it either, in fact i became obsessed with it all over again when the reach beta came...i bought halo ce and loved its campaign, and loved odst campaign as well (didnt think it would be as good as it was), halo 2 was supposed to be for campaign, but that let me down, however its multiplayer didnt let me down, that made me want 3 for its multiplayer over its campaign

for REACH, i actually want both...looking forward to its campaign cause of the novel fall of reach that i read a long time ago, and the beta made me want it for its multiplayer as well...and lets not forget odst making me want it for firefight with matchmaking

ForROME3963d ago

Single player is one of the best things about HALO for sure

TheSleepyGamer3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Halo: ODST was a disappointment for me. That game was too short and had no where near as much action as the other Halo titles. Although the whole "experiencing the war from a normal soldier's perspective" crap that they churned out before release sounded good it made for a boring game in comparison to other Halo titles.

I want to play a super-soldier that kicks ass and can hold two guns at once.

SixZeroFour3963d ago

you realize that halo ce (touted by the majority as being the best of the series so far) didnt have duel wielding right? it also had the health pack that odst brought back, and that reach will also have, meaning they arent as "strong" as the master chief you know in 2 and 3 (healthpack-less)

i liked the story that was told in odst, apart from it being somewhat short, you can change that by making it more difficult and with skulls...the game is only as long depending on how much you want to get out of it

pat_11_53963d ago

I know that, I wasn't a fan of the duel wielding. I liked the simplicity of Halo: Combat Evolved, I feel like shooters are to complicated these days. I'm hoping Reach solves this. I guess to answer the question I posed in my editorial, I want simplicity and a return to Halo's roots in both the campaign and multiplayer. That will keep me plying the game

pat_11_53963d ago

I honestly really liked Halo Wars, Consoles don't usually do RTS's well. I think Ensemble adapted the whole RTS formula, resource managment, speed and resources to work on a console and with a controller.

Fanb0y3963d ago

Halo Wars fills the RTS niche in the console market. Granted, it's not a huge audience, but it's there.

STICKzophrenic3963d ago

I had never played an RTS, but Halo Wars is awesome. Being familiar with the Haloverse probably had a lot to do with that.