Gamer Rage: Call of Duty Made Me Break My Xbox Controller

Gamer Rage, we’ve all felt it right? Sometimes it can be sudden, completely unexpected and at other times you can feel it build up inside as your losses mount up online or you fail to finish that last lap in time.

Recently my gamer rage reached an all time high. Literally a day before I sat down to write this, I hurled my Xbox 360 Controller into my wall leaving a rather nice hole where a bit of wall used to be.

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pat_11_53029d ago

I once whipped my controller against a wall, It left a little blue mark on the bottom right corner. I feel like it gives it personality.

pustulio3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Anybody that breaks a controller over COD needs help.

Also if COD is a drug for this guy is because he likes it but hates loosing, then he gets mad and write an article about it saying how much noob tubes sucks.


Why the disagrees? is fine to brake a controller instead of using the goddamn quit button? tss...

BYE3029d ago

You can't call yourself a gamer unless you have broken a controller ;)

Prototype3029d ago


Amen, I've broken at least one controller for every home console; the portables I throw against something soft to at least not break them internally...

RememberThe3573029d ago

I remember playing Tekken I got so pissed that I actually bit my controller. Thats right, I bit my freakin controller. It was my only controller and I really didn't want to throw it.

I knew it was night night time after that.

I also broke my Xbox controller playing Ninja Gaiden. I got it back together but the rumble made this annoying clicking sound

HolyOrangeCows3029d ago

Kid throws controller. Front page gamer news.

ThanatosDMC3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Wow, never broke a controller before out of anger. But then again im really good at the games i play... probably because i like challenges and dont quit.

These are probably the same losers that rage quits or shoot their teammates because they suck. I am one of those that slaughters you losers in games and laugh at your frustrations. When you do try to bring it and put me to a corner it just makes me happier for tje challenge.

xHangingBaskets3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

So the likes of Cosplay and the constant top ten lists are just brilliant pieces of Videogame Journalism?

Try reading the article before commenting, it is clearly talking about the cause of Gamer Rage and asking what gamers think not just "I threw a tantrem".

@ ThanatosDMC

Why do you assume that the author of the artice is bad at the game? The deaths were all bad luck and nothing he could have done would have changed them.

ThanatosDMC3028d ago

Bad luck = no skillZ. Bad luck is an excuse especially in games. There is no luck in games unless there's some sort of RTD in the game. (roll the dice)

Also, i didnt read the article. I'm talking about the people on N4G that talked about breaking their controllers out of anger... i guess, the author too now. Is it you?

xHangingBaskets3028d ago

Yes I'm the author and I have a 2.85 KDR on Modern Warfare 2.. Not exactly bad. Of course there is luck in FPS'. Ever been killed by someone who spawns, looks up and throws a grenade over a roof only for it to land right by your feet? That isn't skill, that is luck.

Also, please read the article before commenting...

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gtamike3029d ago

and then Xbox broke by its self right after

SOAD3029d ago

hahahahaha, I've never heard something as clever and original as this before. where do you get your material? /s

seriously, stop trolling.

Aphe3029d ago

Yeah he's a complete twat. He thinks if you repeat something over and over again it gets more amusing.

Gtamike, trust me, it doesn't.

gtamike3028d ago

I make myself lol sometimes :)

xX TriiCKy Xx3029d ago

Haha my blue mark's right above the tv.

jessupj3027d ago

The ONLY time I've ever thrown my controller was playing motor storm: pacific rift. The idiots that made that game decided to make the player actually loose points if you don't get with in a certain position. And when you're getting to the higher ranks you have to come at least 3rd just to break even. Stupidest system ever. It's the same if you played KZ2 and you lost points if you didn't get a kill ratio of at least 1.0. Almost no one would ever rank up.

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TheSleepyGamer3029d ago

I have a friend who actually whacked his T.V. and all of the colour messed up. Looks like a huge magnet has been placed in the middle of it now.

RememberThe3573029d ago

Talking about not thinking before you act. That sucks!

pat_11_53029d ago

I've had friends like that, I knew a guy in high school who literally ripped a controller in half after getting his ass kicked in Halo 2. I'm usually able to control my angry, I'll swear at a game sometimes but lately I've never actually broken anything. All I can remember is the one incident I mentioned above.

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zerocool33973029d ago

People who break things cause they can't win a game are really pathetic, after all; its just game.

TheSleepyGamer3029d ago

It is never the deaths themselves that annoy me but usually the way in which I am killed. If you noticed all of the deaths which happened in the game were just pure luck. A guy firing a random Noob Tube which lands right on me, then a guy getting to spawn kill me multiple times. I couldn’t avoid a single one of those deaths.

Playing an FPS game shouldn’t be down to luck yet it often is. This is what annoys me.

zerocool33973029d ago

Seriously its just a game. Does breaking a controller solve anything? No! You can't play a game without the controller.

I know what its like to get annoyed about getting killed in a game, but it is just a game. The people firing "noob tubes" are obviously crap at the game. I would laugh at them or exit out. If its that bad that you have to break something then I would suggest playing a different game.

TheSleepyGamer3029d ago

The whole point of having an outburst is that you don't really think before acting. Like I said I've always had a handle on my Gamer Rage and this was a surprise to me. I don't throw a controller at the wall every time I die on a game.

RememberThe3573029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

But these games get pretty competitive. Basketball is just a game, and who hasn't seen a fight on a basketball court.

For me it's either the sheer competitiveness of the online games or the realization that all the work you just did was for not (boss battles).

I have a friend who has your same attitude about games, and it's hilarious when he tounts people when they play MW2:
"Hey Stew... You just got shot."
"Hey Kev, you just missed that guy."
"Oh man you just died. You fuckin suck."
"Man Stewy, your looking a little frustrated over there. Did you die again Stewart?"
It's truly comedy in motion. Especailly when you get the explosion: "Shut the fuck up Ell! Shut your fuckin face! God damn it!"


EDIT: This is supposed to be a reply to zerocool3397 initial comment.

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