In Homage to the Fanboy

Fan boys are every where their really into consoles and nothing can tell them otherwise. They are right and you are wrong, but believe it or not we actually need them. Ally from explains why we need them.

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LordMarius3121d ago

I think people that take this fanboy stuff seriously or get worked up when they see one are as crazy as the fanboys themselves.

dangert123121d ago

whats is a fanboy really cause i don't consider myself one but people hear are quick to call me one yeah i dont like microsoft and i dont like there practices there big mouth there broken hardware thats overpriced
but i do like certain games and how there devs back there games,

i prefer my ps3 and the reason i bash sony alot less is cause in reality sony are doing a better job there satifing me and i think there more then fair s/ generous and bring better quality stuff to the gaming world then ms

:S what how am i a fanboy
if ms offers somthing that interest me i will support it same with sony and nintendo

Theparanerds3121d ago

you at least are aware that Microsoft has some good games. Fanboys ignore everything about the other console

PoSTedUP3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

im a sony fanboy and PROUD. only have the ps3, only will buy the ps4.

i see it like this: MS and sony and nintendo all have lots of great games. if i had all three consoles i would be playing a lot less games on every console. unless you are really young and can sit home all day and play all the games on all three consoles, then yeah. but as i am now, i don't have the time and money to support all the consoles let alone play all the games they have to offer. so i have a ps3, and play a crap load of ps3 exclusives and multiplats, and buy a lot of psn games, hell im still catching up with all the games i missed on the PS2! so the ps3 is enough for me. if i play a great game on the xbox i am missing another great game on ps3. if i play just the major exclusives on every console, i am missing a lot of great games that are multiplat bc of money and time. if i have 28 ps3 games and 2 xbox games, and thoes 2 games are exclusive, whats the difference if i had 30 ps3 games and got to play 2 more great multiplats? not that big of a difference in my opinion considering how much time and money i have for gaming. plus i play gears2 or something at a friends house once in a while. my cousin has a wii and we have mad fun playing the new mario party from time to time.

SeanRL3121d ago

I believe the ps3 is the best overall but I can still have some fun with the wii and I admit the xbox has some great games.

Boody-Bandit3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

When ever you give an honest opinion that differs from another the, well you know, take it to heart and lash out like you took the last cookie off the plate. It's just the way of the net.

I am my name sake and I don't care who I offend. I say what I believe but my comments come from hands on experience and years of being a tech and gaming junkie.

Again if I am being honest when I first noticed you on N4G I myself thought you were a fanboy. Once I read several post of yours I realized you were just speaking your mind.

Then again I have been called a fanboy so many times over the years on so many sites and forums that I lost count. It's just the mindset of the fanatic. You are either with us or against us.

Don't be a sissy and walk down the middle of the road. Pick a side man! ;)

NecrumSlavery3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

Been playing on NES and Sony systems forever, but I actually got Xbox before the PS2 and Gamecube. Loved it, loved MS. Then came 360, came bullshit and hype like never before. I ended up getting the Wii first, then PS3. I sold my Wii for a 360 last year to catch up on MS line up. I wasn't impressed like I thought I should be. 360 doesn't have anything like the original xbox had. But as of now I stick mostly to the PS3. I am tired of MS smoke and mirrors. I plan on getting another Wii. Probably swap the 360 for it. I personally think MS has lost touch. I'm not a fanboy for one reason, it'll screw you in the end. Like the Apple community, and how Jobs screwed the loyal fanboys who flock to the Iphone4. I think MS is fucking the 360 gaming community and the loyalists are letting them do it. If you are a fanboy, you miss out. Being loyal doesn't mean you can't game on each console. Stand up and care about shit. Wii invented the stupid vitality sensor, people bitched, and now it's gone. People hated the xbox's original controller, fixed. People wanted wifi 360s, done. People wanted PS2 games to live, bam, HD trophy improved games. Stand up for your console, but don't blow off games cause your a loyalist, or. Lay down and take it up the ass. You want online Live play free, stop playing online and boycott it. Fanboys should work together to better the community. The fanboy wars are pawn tools to get sales. Quick the jealous and malicious acts and fix the community. Here is a pretty good start.

DelbertGrady3121d ago

I can't have fun with my 360 cause my PS3 forces me to hate it :(

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Gue13121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

There are casual gamers and core gamers but what about the fanboys?

What if I say that M$ it's a POS cus they sell broken systems? That is the truth but many people will call me a fanboy but what kind of fanboy? I'm not being an ignorant nor a liar, just realist.

ukilnme3121d ago

So true. What if I said that my 360 never broke but my PS3 did and I had to pay $ony $157 to get it fixed? That is the truth. Am I a fanboy?

Boody-Bandit3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

In my opinion neither one of you would be a fanboy if what you were stating was/is the truth. It takes a lot more than that to be labeled a fanboy from people that are not thin skinned.

Just curious. Besides the obvious. What would you label me for purchasing 8 brand new 360's since launch hoping that each new revision would actually not break on me?

Seriously I want people to chime in and don't hold back. My wife and friends think I am delusional. I still own 5 of them and I am even considering getting an S model or two.

beans3121d ago

I prefer 360 over PS3 alot but don't consider myself a fanboy because I like what PS3 and Wii have to offer in many cases. My reasons for liking 360 more are personal and I have no reason to belittle or personal attack fans of those platforms. The guys running around on a personal vendetta are loser in my eye and not even worth being called fanboys to begin with. Also The only people I dislike in life are the ones with hateful hearts that speak freely with no respect for others.

Boody-Bandit3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

I usually don't agree with you but this:

"The only people I dislike in life are the ones with hateful hearts that speak freely with no respect for others."

^True that and +bubble to you. My opinion has always been, and I do my best to instill this in my children, is that hate is a wasted emotion. People that carry around hate usually end up causing themselves more damage then inflicting it on others. I learned along time ago that it does no good to harbor resentment for others. More than likely they don't even know you feel that way about them and if they did, chances are they don't care.

beans3121d ago

Thanks for the bubble and here's one back at you. It's good to know that some people still talk to there kids and instill great things in there precious minds. :)

sikbeta3121d ago

What's with the whole fanboy stuff?

Please, this Author got his feelings hurt or something?

Fanboys are everywhere, this is not a Console Exclusive thing, so, Deal With it....

halojunkie3121d ago

i feel like a hippy right now talking about world peace. playbeyond

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_EvilMonkey_3121d ago

Oh no, this article will not end well.

TheTeam063121d ago

And the war against fanboys continues?

Theparanerds3121d ago

If you read the article instead of just the title, you would see that Ally is not against fanboys, but saying we need them.

TheTeam063121d ago

That's still a continuation of the "war". It's gonna provoke those against it to keep, which is what I meant.

Theparanerds3121d ago

you're right , it probably will, but regardless it's always going to exist.

NYC_Gamer3121d ago

fanboys have always existed and not just in gaming...

LCS_Furious_Dre3121d ago

The Playstation 3 does not consist of fanboys. Just a loyal group of smart people who made the right choice in console support.

T9X693121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

^^^^ Fanboy

The worst type of fanboys are the fanboys that don't realize they are really fanboys.

Lionhead3121d ago

lol Got to admit the denial is funny

"Loyal group of smart people" lmfao

talltony3121d ago

T9x is not a fanboy either lol

Blitzed3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

See: mirror

RememberThe3573121d ago

T9 isn't a fanboy, he's just super negative and has really nothing constructive or entertaining to say.

bjornbear3121d ago

he's taking the piss out of PS3 fanboys by acting like one

only type of person that could ever even bother to waste their time on such an antic?

my guess is greenringoflife/SKCshifty and all those other multi accounts:

but he makes a good point.

he only writes bullshit, and all you sheep agree with him blindly

he's making all of you look like fools along with him. smh

Blitzed3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

What you fail to realize is, the replies in this thread (save maybe lionhead but its debatable) are replying to T9X69, not Furious Dre. Now who looks like a fool?


When someone says that RDR on the 360 has better looking graphics than KZ2 and UC2, they are a fanboy.

Lionhead3121d ago

lol I'm not even going to ask why mine is "debatable"

Was in response to Furious

Blitzed3119d ago

Because you obviously clicked the reply button to T9X69's comment and you could have been agreeing with him. If your reply was to Dre, then you should have clicked reply on his comment. See how that works? It's not rocket science.

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Xfanboy3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

If someone buys a Xbox & is happy with games they get on Xbox that means they made the wrong decision?? Hmm your lack of open mindness for other platforms is a Fanboy treat!!!

I will have a 360 & Ps3 along side my PC so I will have way more fun than any fanboy could dream of!! Why?? becuz Im being open to other games I can't play & not trashing them as soon as article gets posted!!

Even Insomniac aren't fanboys & they work with sony!! lol!

Some Ps3 games i'll get on PC

as well as Xbox games..

SkylineR3121d ago

That's exactly right! I have my Xbox 360 next to my PS3 and Wii. And you know what's awesome?
I can be playing God of War 3 one minute, switch to Gears of War 2 for some online play with friends and then have a bit of fun in Mario Galaxy 2.

If fanboys could stop bending over for that 1 company they love, yet all that company loves is their money, then they'd see there's an unbelievable amount of awesome games out there to play.

But let them stick to their "right choice in console" - they're just denying themselves.

PoSTedUP3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

i can play socom all my life and have more fun then you, there is no fact in someone being happier gaming that someone else because that have one more console, it is a personal feeling of joy or happyness.

like i said above, if you have the time and money to game like that then (in my opinion) one spends to much time gaming lol. if you have the money to own all consoles and play mario, gears and uncharted then more power to ya. but then chances are you are missing out on other games. and that is an opinion whether those games you are missing or playing are better or are worse. one is going to miss out on most games per generation, whether you want to play 50 exclusives throughout 3 consoles or.. 25 exclusives on one console and 25 multiplat games, you are missing out regardless. thats just an opinion and a way of gaming.

georgeenoob3121d ago

So people that troll the net day in and day out only to do nothing but defend their oh-so precious PS3 and bash its competetors for any reason they find are not fanboys? Right.

GTFO PS3 fanboy.

HaVoK3083121d ago

The biggest load of bullshit I have ever hear on this site. Delusional people you are.

playstation_clan3121d ago


ps3 fanboys (loyals)FTW

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