Eurogamer: Tournament of Legends Review

As a showcase for the Wii's technical abilities, the game is an embarrassment, graphically equivalent to those relics of 3D gaming's earliest days. And while the paucity of game modes would be forgiveable if those on offer sizzled with brilliance, in this context they bespeak a game rushed to completion and released with the very minimum of functional requirements. As a result, the only redeeming quality is the echo of ambition that can be faintly heard in the ruins of execution.

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tunaks13973d ago

ugh thats low,
though the opening comments are quite harsh, I'll hold my judgment until I see the game in motion.

SpoonyRedMage3973d ago

Ouch, that does seem low. I'm getting the game off Amazon for £18, I want to try the game for myself but due to the major lack of content I was definitely not going to pay anything close to full price.

I really, really hope the reason this has so little content is that they decided to make Conduit 2 much, much better and diverted resources that way.