The ultimate top 5 RPG's list of all time

There is no tougher best of list to master than the RPG. Many have tried and have failed. From the JRPG to the Western RPG. The genre has come a long way since its basement board game roots. Read on to find out what the top 5 RPG's of all time are.

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Newtype3960d ago

Seems like the writer NEVER played Vagrant Story.

omodis4203960d ago

You can't please everyone. With that said I think the list is pretty decent. @Newtype - Vagrant Story is a great game. But even still it does not deserve to be in a top 5 list. Personally I would have put Wild Arms in. LOL (I'm sure I'll get some disagrees for that one)

Nike3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

No Baldur's Gate 2.

No Planescape Torment.

No Lunar: Siver Star Story.

No Persona 1/2/3/4.

No Shin Megami Tensei.

No Demon's Souls.

No Atelier Iris 1/2.

No Riviera: The Promised Land.

No Grandia II.

No Final Fantasy VI.

No KotoR.

No Fallout 1/2.

No System Shock 2.

No Tactics Ogre: Knight of the Lodis

No Fire Emblem or Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones.

No Vagrant Story.

No Xeno Gears.

No Legend of Dragoon.

No Breath of Fire.

No Icewind Dale.

No King's Quest.

No Skies of Arcadia.

That the list does not include even one of the above classics shows just how limited the author's exposure to RPGs is.

@Brewski 007, The_Zeitgeist:

I'm aware it says Top 5.

My point is that none of those games are included in that top 5. And it shows how limited the author's exposure to RPGs is. Fact is, he named mostly JRPGs, that too many mainstream ones, that are accepted classics. I'm not saying the games on that list don't deserve to be there. Quite frankly, a top 50 list would have sufficed better. However, when you're going to say "Of all time", then by god, my disagreement will rage like the fires of Mt. Doom.

Brewski0073960d ago

You do realise it says "top 5".

And not "top 22" ?

Of course this list is going to cause disagreements but i mean go look up other top 5 lists and you're bound to see different ones.

The_Zeitgeist3960d ago


You crack me up dude. The list is a top 5. Yet you list 22 games that were left off the list. If you add the 5 games to yours on the list that is 27 games.

If you want a top 27 list then write one.


XxRoosterxX3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

discovered the problem with the number 5. For it cannot contain all the games you've list.

Perhaps if the list was of a number such as 25, then your comment might make a little more sense.

Christopher3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

People should read all of Nike's comment, specifically the last sentence. He's not listing games that should have been on the list, but a list of games where at least one of them should have been in the top 5 but weren't.

This list looks like a JRPG Top 5 list w/a dash of Zelda thrown in for some reason. One I don't agree with even from a JRPG perspective.

Personally, Planescape: Torment should be on all Top 5 or Top 10 RPG lists.

I agree with the assessment of others that the author doesn't seem to have a lot of experience with a great many other RPGs based on his choices.

Aikuchi3960d ago

How can you have a Top 5 rpg list and not have a single Dragon Quest game.

Dragon Quest III should be there, if not #1

So should KOTOR.

BABY-JEDI3960d ago

you need a top 22 because the journalist just hasnt played all the games required to make a valid list

Danteh3960d ago

With all the existing final fantasy's that exist I don't you can't just put one of them on the first position.... for many people XI is the best, for me it's XIII

And he forgot many like Nike said, I would add Phantasy Star Online

NecrumSlavery3960d ago

Ocarina of Time isn't even an RPG.

My Top 5:

Fallout 3
Kingdom Hearts
Knights of the Old Republic
Chrono Trigger

SaiyanFury3959d ago

To be completely honest, there's been so many great RPGs in history, it's kind of hard to compile a small list of 5. There were great ones before on the NES and SNES. There were great ones on the 32-bit consoles. There were great ones on the GameCube. There have been so many on various consoles that it's almost impossible to narrow it down to a simple 5 on a couple of consoles. Most of my faves were on the original PS, but I also have faves on the Saturn, PS2, PSP, PS3, so on and so forth. The list is ultimately up to the player.

Noctis Aftermath3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

FF3 as #1? this guy is fail, unless he means FFVI then it's understandable and chronotrigger is overrated, in no way should it ever be in a top 5 best RPG list.

Also, i swear a list identical to this was posted several months back.

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Menchi3960d ago

Final Fantasy VI was on there, it was called Final Fantasy III in NA though, so I guess I can understand the confusion there.

Other then that, I can agree with you, to an extent. There are some amazing games that aren't on the list, but it is after all a "Top 5 RPG" list which makes it extremely difficult to do in the first place, as there are an absolute wealth of amazing RPGs around from the past.

Mind, I don't really agree with OoT being on it... That isn't an RPG. Amazing game yes, RPG no.

Nike3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Ah, okay.

And I don't agree with OoT being there either. Which is why I didn't say "No Link to the Past". :)

A top 5 really is too limited. A top 50 would have worked, but a top 5?

@The_Zeitgeist: Still, a Top 5 list without Planescape Torment or Baldur's Gate 2 or even Fallout is just plain blasphemy.

Also, Silent Hill doesn't have character building. But it has action and dramatic overtones. Does that make it an RPG?

The_Zeitgeist3960d ago

I think a Top 5 list is commendable. You have to narrow it down and really pick which games deserve. If you are writing a top 50, 25, or even 10 list, the top 5 is where it always gets the hardest.

EvilBlackCat3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

I hate Top 5/10 list based on just one person opin... ahhh fnck it everybody do it

but hey that list looks pretty good to me.

Kain813960d ago

What happend to games like Terranigma, Secret of Evermore, we need Games like that...

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_EvilMonkey_3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

5 RPG of All Time? 5 is not enough. What about Legend of Dragoon,Xenogears,Lunar?

Baliw3960d ago

Really, not that those are bad games but... if you say FFIII... you prove you are doing some mistake.

(I know FFIII is FFVI in North America, thats why i said that).

lightningsax3959d ago

@EvilMonkey - You're right, at least about the number. Five games is not enough. It's a slapped-together hits grab. If you're going to make a Top 5 RPG's list, you should include many of the RPG's that you didn't put on the list in your descriptions, explaining why the ones that are there are better.

XxRoosterxX3960d ago

people consider Zelda to be an RPG.

darkcharizard3960d ago

Because it tops any "Best Game" list as long as the list ignores Super Mario Bros.

Redempteur3960d ago

Ocarina of time is a classic adventure game but only zelda 2 (NES ) was a rpg ...

it's a great adventure-exploration game maybe one of teh best ever created ..but it's not a rpg

The_Zeitgeist3960d ago

Because it has all the dramatic overtones of an RPG. The only reason people say its not is because there isn't much character building.

With Zelda its more in how and what you use that gives it the RPG title. It's definitely an Action RPG.

xbox360_fan3960d ago

Everybody loves those "dramatic overtones" and there is enough character building to make it the best game of all time.

Gue13960d ago

Zelda is not an RPG cus Link's abilities doesn't change during the course of the game, he just obtain new tools but his numerical stats are always the same. On top of that the gameplay's completely action based and the items are specific, few and limited. RPG always have a certain random element like the "critical hit" in battles, some kind of choice that either completely change the pace or course of the of the story or block your way to gain a certain item, etc.

If Zelda is an RPG then a game like inFamous it's too. But no, these are action/adventure games like Tom Raider, etc...

jemarval3960d ago

It IS an RPG game. It has some action adventure to it. But Its a Role Playing Game.

Luchiano3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

The list might not be perfect or have all the games everyone wants but you have to admit those 5 games are F-ing sweet! Man I miss good old school RPGs. They really should remake most of them with better graphics and stuff.

FF3.... Shadow was the bomb

Kisama3960d ago

FFVII over FFIX? Hah.

fatstarr3959d ago

9 was the greatest ever right after 4 and 6.

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