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Destructoid writes: "I like to champion games that aren't getting coverage elsewhere. Usually a simple idea, a visual style, or an interesting gameplay hook will interest me, and I'll make sure to devote some of my time to giving it a little spotlight. Sometimes I'm right to do so and the game is a surprisingly excellent one. Sometimes I judged wrong, and it turns out I've been supporting a stinker".

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mushroomwig3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

I'm not the type of person who buys a game based from the reviews, I want to play this for myself and see what I think.

Spenok3967d ago

Thats pretty much how i think. Though there are plenty of other titles we know are good out atm. So im just going to wait on this one to drop in price a little before i pick it up.

Red-Dead-Roar3967d ago

i'm getting this for the hell of it when it drops in price. looks hilarious.

killyourfm3967d ago

So THIS gets a 5/10 from Destructoid, and they gave Alpha Protocol what, a 2? That's fishy.

BYE3967d ago

Jim Sterling is a well known troll reviewer.

He also gave Heavy Rain a 7 and Deadly Premonition a 10.

Arnon3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

I'm confused. Is it bad to give Deadly Premonition a 10? The game was f*cking amazing, and it's now one of my favorite 360 titles that I own. It's SUPPOSED to be bad. It's well aware of that fact. Notice how all user reviews for the game are across-the-board positive?

Rocket Sauce3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

I think he was being too easy on Heavy Rain and too hard on Deadly Premonition.

sombrero3967d ago

How does trying to make something bad make it better?

I'm not surprised it's one of your favorite 360 games, though. zing!

dgroundwater3967d ago

I must say that Deadly Premonition was absolutely amazing. Without Jim Sterling I would have missed out on my GOTY. Anyone with the slightest interest for a cool story will be floored by the ending.

Arnon3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

"How does trying to make something bad make it better?"

It's just like saying "How does trying to make something good make it worse?"

Well, until you actually enjoy gaming for what it is, I'm sure it will never really click for you. As you can see, the person above me absolutely loved it as well. Once again, read the user reviews for the game. Until you have done so, your opinion is basically worthless, since it isn't really an opinion if all you do is listen to a review site (considering that's someone else's opinion as well, and holds absolutely no grounds over a user review).



Care to explain to me why The Rocky Horror Picture Show has a massive following and is loved around the world for it's disturbingly bad humor, even though it was considered a "bad movie"? I doubt you can.

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bjornbear3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

they are an utter load of sh!t

thats like analyzing the international news quality in The Sun.

@ Arnon

a bad game is a bad game. if a game is "supposed" to be bad, it does so not effecting the gameplay, and DP had bad gameplay problems

but keep telling yourself that. i guess so as long as you genuinely enjoy it there's no way you will be dissuaded by anybody else's critique of the game (even if thats everyone)

Rocket Sauce3967d ago

IGN gave it a bad review...and that's about it.

If the whole Metacritic thing really matters to you, the general consensus is that Deadly Premonition is, "pretty good" to "awesome," - but those aren't really accurate descriptions of how incredible this game is.

Destructoid should have grown a pair and given it AT LEAST an 11/10.

HolyOrangeCows3967d ago

I figured Jim Sterling would give it a perfect score.

killyourfm3967d ago

"Sometimes I judged wrong, and it turns out I've been supporting a stinker"
--Also applies to people reading Destructoid. *ducks*

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