PC Mag: Xbox 360 Slim Review

PC Mag: Microsoft has made many fine improvements to the new Xbox 360 to make it a worthy purchase—for new users. The slick, compact design, internal Wi-Fi, and increased storage are attractive touches, but if you already own an Xbox 360, it's just not enough to justify dropping $300 and ditching your current console.

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Icyhot3962d ago

"Still, despite a smaller (120GB) hard drive, the same-price Sony's PlayStation 3 remains our Editors' Choice console, thanks to a deep library of compelling exclusive titles and a top-notch built-in Blu-ray player."

Lol, even PC loyalist love the PS3.

Rob Hornecker3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Good luck finding one of these unicorns of the gaming world! There is not a store in the 50 mile radius of the tampa bay area that has one in stock. I want to get one ,but I think i'll wait till Kinect is released and buy the "Total Package" deal in the fall. I figure that by then the new system quirks should be worked out.

Icyhot, I own a PS3 as well as a XB360. I use to be a PC gamer,but got sick of upgrading the PC every time a new software title came out. My console tastes maybe a bit more deverse than yours and don't get me wrong I really enjoy my PS3,but my first love will always be the Xbox 360.

It is nice to see that MS came out with something new and different with the Xbox slim. Although it maybe to little to late for the current consoles life span.