Grand Theft Auto Inspires Youth... To Throw Molotov Cocktails writes.. "This story, culled from the Enterprise News of Massachusetts, makes me nostalgic for the heady days of the mid aughts, when blaming crime-sprees on Grand Theft Auto was in fashion. According to The Enterprise, a couple of young people in Raynham were "playing Grand Theft Auto video games" the other night, and decided to do some suburban crime. The 12 and 16 year old tagged the neighborhood with graffiti, stole some gasoline, then tried to make Molotov cocktails and blow up a building. The 12 year-old said the pair was inspired by the game."

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_EvilMonkey_3961d ago

does this mean GTA makes me want to run over pedestrians with my truck? Hmmm.... nah.

Da_Evil_Monkey3960d ago

it wants you to chainsaw people *walks out to shed*