The Jimquisition: Hey Zelda fans, STFU

Jim Sterling from Destructoid: This week's episode is about both The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and the upcoming Ocarina of Time 3DS remake. More specifically, it's about the rather predictable negative reactions that both of them earned, and that perpetual issue of hardcore fans who can never be pleased with anything, ever.

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knight6263961d ago

This guy needs to STFU and get a life seriously

_EvilMonkey_3961d ago

was this guy munching on sonic's no-no parts? oh yeah Evil Monkey sez STFU!

Rainstorm813961d ago

"Evil monkey... holds the key........Evil monkey's..gonna get me


DigitalAnalog3961d ago

But I agree with his sentiments on the video. Funny too.

-End statement

Rucury3961d ago

Yeah, I have a friend who always moans on about Wind Waker's graphics and such and when we saw the Skyward Sword E3 trailer he was like "... What!?" and I went "Oh, shut the fuck up."

God, I miss him.

Colonel-Killzone3961d ago

He is ranting for no reason lol...

Sev3961d ago

There's a few reasons he is ranting:

-He is full of himself and thinks people care about his rants.

-He is hated and controversial so he brings in massive hits to Destructoid.

-He had a horrible childhood (this is an assumption made from a Twitter convo that ended with him saying Heavy Rain is "childish")

-He is being paid to do so

All that being said, I want to hate him because he is such a douchebag.

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The story is too old to be commented.