SCEA's Seth Luisi was greatly disappointed with SOCOM: Confrontation

During Zipper's latest podcast Seth Luisi Game Director at Zipper. almost certainly the person most synonymous with the SOCOM franchise. Also talk about the series’ history, where it’s been, where it’s going and more, along with some good MAG talk as well. Also he acknowledges the failure at Slant Six Games for SOCOM Confrontation launch and says it was he lowest point of his career.

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Wildarmsjecht3970d ago

You're not alone. The beta before release was about a month long or so. It was extended I believe because It was RIDDLED with problems. But thats a beta. for gamers to be guinea pigs so that final release SHOULD be better. Confrontation was not better however. Things promised was not released until MUCH MUCH later. Problems from the beta came back, only this time it seemed worse. It wasn't until months and patches later that there seemed to be some sort of progress. Cold Front DLC came along with a patch that made things very playable, but by then it was too late for many, myself included. Confrontation had great potential, but it never got out of the beta stage until much too late.

I have high hopes for Socom 4 tho. Id prefer a beta however 2 months in advance with constant player-dev feedback so issues (real graphical issues and balancing issues) can be fixed well ahead of time and they have less to patch or worry about post-release.

Unfortunately, the age of online gaming and service distribution comes with a problem: Devs like to wait on problems because they can "patch" them in later. or attempt to.

knight6263970d ago

they should of kept working on it because when it release it was a bad game but now its playable not the best socom game ever but still good game to play

dangert123970d ago

I'm new to socom and even though the graphics are poor and lack of modes i like its stealthy team work approuch and things such as duck are automatic feels really easy but the controls themself are odd i mean analog to reload :S

Iamback3970d ago

Seth is full of it, i remember he was on every site hyping it like there is no tomorrow. I hate that guy, dont want to see his mug ever again

SeanRL3970d ago

I hope they fire him.

morganfell3970d ago

I play SOCOM Confrontation. A lot. I mean far far more than the average SOCOMer. After numerous patches SOCOM is currently a very tight game indeed with the most naturally induced teamwork of any game on the market. Team cooperation, even among strangers just happens in that game. It always has been present in the series.

That said, Seth Luisi is one of the people responsible for the state in which SOCOM launched. Slant Six had zero input in that decision. I always shake my head when idiots that understand zero about the game industry attacked Slant Six as if they made the decisions.

The go ahead on such things is in the hands of the publisher and as the chief lord overseer for Sony on all matters SOCOM, Luisi had the most influence. He is no longer a Zipper employee but rather Sony management and has been so for some time - before Confrontation.

Currently SOCOM is a blast. It did have several issues on launch which were not completely ignored by sites like IGN that gave a huge pass on broken multiplayer to Gears of War 2.

SOCOM 4, that I played at GDC, is looking to be a remarkable, engrossing experience.

Wildarmsjecht3970d ago

I agree that after a few patches and alot of time had passed, Confrontation was definitely fun and what the game should have been at the beginning of its launch, but by then i didnt have the time or energy to put into the game anymore. The feeling wasn't there and there were other titles to take over my time, not necessarily in the shooter category.

Alot of reviewers wrote off Confrontation and yes they gave some pass to Gear's broken multiplayer, but I think they had a right IMO. Here's why:

Confrontation is a multiplayer ONLY title. Meaning there isn't a single player to fall back on when servers are down or when lag or glitches plague the mess out of the game. Those problems, among many others like freezes, long load times, and crashes, effectively end the game you bought because there isnt anything else to do about it until they fix it.

Some reviewers reviewed the game again after some of the patches that claimed to fix the issue because they wanted to give it a chance. But it wasn't until almost a year (or just about) later that things promised at launch and major fixes actually came about. It's not fair to have to wait so very long for that.

Im sure there are people who reviewed Confrontation after Cold Front and the patch. And they may have given it good recommendations. Cuz it is good. Just too late.

blackpanther253970d ago

SONY saw how bad the game was and they just decided to release the Bluetooth headset with socom confrontation to get people to actually buy it at first. Granted i was never into playing socom games.....i always watched my brother play them because they were so good, but confrontation looked a ps2 and played worse.

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chasegarcia3970d ago

I hate that guy too. Stay away from Socom.

rob60213970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

If you listen to the whole podcast, He's practically responsible for Socom ever even happening, and he was largely in charge of 1 and 2. He's got a lot more say in Socom 4, so we'll see how that goes. Everyone disses the guy yet, he's the guy that came up with the idea - and was responsible for the best 2 games. Just cause he was the spokesman for zipper/slant6 after socom 2 doesn't mean he really had much say in what happened with those games.

BYE3970d ago

Socom 4 will be great though. The more I see from it the more I'm convinced of this.

It looks like a better version of GRAW2 with awesome graphics and a good story.

red2tango3970d ago

Seth jumped on board after SOCOM II. The series went to shits after SOCOM II. Coincidence?

rob60213970d ago

Wrong. Listen to the podcast. He approached zipper with the idea of Socom. After Socom 2, he started working on the business/PR side of things, and was less involved with the games themselves.

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