ShockCast Episode 20 - Can The PSP Survive in 2011?

DualShockers writes, "We’ve hit episode 20 and figured what better way to hit that milestone than with a Bang! This week’s main topic came to us from a recent interview we had at E3 with Sony’s John Koller. During the interview John reassured everyone about the longevity of Sony’s PSP platform. And while it sounded great in the way it was presented, with Ninetendo and Apple showing no signs of slowing down we still wonder whether or not the PSP can regain some of that lost momentum going into Holiday 2010 and beyond. Our second main topic revolves around whether 2011 is the year of the MMO. With Star Wars The Old Republic, DC Universe Online, and Final Fantasy XIV due out this year and next, is the Cataclysm expansion still enough to keep those gamers in Azeroth? This question and many more answered during this week’s show, make sure to give it a listen!"

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Hitman07693966d ago

3DS, iPads, DS XL's, Oh My!

dangert123966d ago

I'll support the psp as it will support expriences no other platform will have

RageAgainstTheMShine3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

I don't understand why Sony insists on providing games on the PSP that should have made it to home consoles like the PS3!

Sony PSP stellsar line up of RPGs is tailor made for Japan.
The PSP is kickking ass and toe to toe with the Ds since January 2010.

The DS game line up majority is for elementary and high school boys and girls.

The DS has all the Saturday Morning cartoon show games all covered why won't sSony include this market also?

The rule of thumb for a console to succeed is to have all kinds of gamers covered from toddlers to grand daddys.

But you can see kiddie games for PSP like LEGO & Toy Story but I dont see any major first party effort from Sony about this kind of games for this age bracket.

Console experiences for afdults seem to not work for a hand held generally accepted as kids toys like the DS.

This I don't understand with Sony's marketing for the PSP. They are not doing it!

but I myself will be getting a new PSP soon with the RPGS you can only play on PSP.

Nike3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Accorindg to the May NPD, the DS accounted for over 86 percent of total handheld sales. It even sold more units than the Wii (that's just the US though).

If the PSP is going to survive, it's definitely gonna have to do more than just get it's advertising department to introduce a random smack-talking kid peddling misleading information. I understand they're trying to repeat the success of Kevin Butler to turn around the PSP, but at least the KB turn was accompanied by stellar games on the PS3. When your closest competitor is releasing a spiffy new iteration of their console with 73 launch titles - most of them well known and based on classic franchises (not counting some great titles already making their way to the original DS) - than you have to do a lot more than just show off a few new games.

Even if those games are Ghost of Sparta, Patapon 3, 3rd Birthday and Echochrome II.

@JoeIT: But not that funny. And certainly not as much as Kevin Butler. Guess the bar was just set too high.

JoelT3966d ago

right on the head. However Marcus Rivers IS a funny dude.

Taran3966d ago

I hope that The Old republic is sucessful but I believe the timing is too poor for them to take the reigns from Cataclysm. The other 2 are even less likely to do so.

Nike3966d ago

Well, WoW is successful thanks to the legions and legions of devout PC gamers. Old Republic will have a tough time topping that, unless it does what WoW can't - or even offer something to WoW gamers that they don't know they want yet (but when they get into it, they won't be able to do without it).

As far as console MMOs go (and I refer to FFXIV, since it is first and foremost a console franchise, even if it is on PC), I don't see them competing with WoW. Just because console gamers aren't as devoted (or interested) in MMOs as much as their PC stalwarts are. But Square Enix could prove me wrong with the features (they certainly haven't done so with the price - $12.98 a month, for just one character?).

GrilledCheeseBook3966d ago

The Old Republic won't take the lead but I think that WOW has peaked and soon it will decrease in subscriptions until the most devoted are left which I think will still be more than most MMO's

Hitman07693966d ago

This is all crazy, why didn't they do a PSP2 yet?

BeaArthur3966d ago

What is the point or releasing another one if you haven't figured out how to compete with the competition yet? Sony would be wise to take their time and really figure out how to maximize the tech and put together the features people actually want before they try and release another one.

CountDracula3966d ago

I think a PSP2 would be redundant unless they where to add a second analog stcik. But even then, I don't think it would make a dent on the 3DS' share of the market. Since you know most kids are going to see 3d as a must buy and kid's opinions make all the difference. :)

CountDracula3966d ago

It all depends if the PSP: 3000 ever becomes hackable. (Not that I would do it though)

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