New Fable III Dramatic Combat Video

Lionhead: Everyone loves a good virtual fight, at least I do. And I have to stress the word virtual as I am pretty rubbish at it in real life. My best fighting technique consists mainly of a swifts kick in the old goolies and then running as fast as I can. Safety first is what I say...

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AliTheBrit193453d ago

Love it, one of my most anticipated games of the year :D

Independent_Charles3453d ago

it looks really good and i cant wait to meet her mummy aswell lol...

green3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

Fable games are a bit flawed but there is a certain British charm that Lionhead seem to be able to capture with their franchise that you just cant get anywhere else. Fable 3 is looking to be the best one yet in the series.

Perjoss3453d ago

fable 2 was such a good laugh, i forgot how many wives i had in the various locations and I had so many kids with each of them, aw come on, I was really nice to all of them! I think my favorite wife was the one that laughes just as hard at my farts as the baby laughed :D

Rush3453d ago

tut tut you should know better, your not allowed to anticipate a game that ain't on the PS3 platform even if it is your own person opinion.

Seriously anyone that disagreed with him is an epic moron.

newhumanbreed3453d ago

Seriously, people on this website can't say anything nice about anything that isn't on PS3.

despair3453d ago

lol funny how both you guys got disagrees also, but technically people can disagree with liking the game, or it being most anticipated game of the I like what i see so far, but Molyneux always under delivers.

Silly gameAr3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

Get over it. Damn.

No, Rush. I hardly ever disagree with anyone and if I do, i'll let you know why I disagree.

Rush3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

He didn't ever say it was the most anticipated game of the year. Seriously people need English lessons on this site I think. Am dyslexic and I can't believe how bad some people are here.

He said "one of my most anticipated games of the year" which is a completely opinionated statement, and he in completely within his rights to look forward to a game.

He is also allowed to love the video without getting phantom tard disagrees.

Btw this ain't a flame directed it your self it's just my reasoning behind pointing out that the people disagreeing with him are morons.

If he had of said Most anticipated game of the year then let the disagrees fly but he didn't.

@Silly gameAr
I guess your one of his phantom disagrees your name suits you *claps*

bjornbear3452d ago

stop acting like children with your sarcasm

he has more agree's than disagree's, and no one has said anything bad about it

it actually looks great, and i don't even own a 360.

so just crawl back into your hole and play videogames

despair3452d ago


Of course no one can disagree that its one of HIS most anticipated titles as thats his opinion only, but then he couldn't get agrees either and you're not complaining how stupid people are for agreeing with him on his opinion.

The logical inference from his disagrees would be that it is in reference to that person's best game. So they disagree for themselves that its not their best game, not his. Same is said for the getting confusing now.

btw my interpretation of english is fine, I saw what he wrote, I was referring to the people who probably disagreed as I stated above.

Gue13452d ago

X360 fans are alway the victims... you don't like what you see? then don't buy it and GTFO, nobody's going to miss you! =)

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MGRogue20173453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

Sooooo true!

... I wanna' bite your ear off to show you my anticipation for the game. :P

lelo2play3453d ago

Yep... looking great.

Fable is such a great franchise.

3452d ago
ECM0NEY3452d ago

The only thing im worried about is how spells are set up. From the video it looks the same as Fable 2, which is a shame.

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absolutecarnage3453d ago

I never finished fable 2, but now that fable 3 is on the way i started playing it again, fable 3 combat look likes fun can't wait

newhumanbreed3453d ago

Hmm, might consider getting this one. I enjoyed the other 2 a lot, but was disappointed with the way Molyneux hyped the game and didn't deliver. Hopefully, he doesn't do the same with this one and actually delivers his hype.

SOAD3453d ago

Most of the people who enjoy Fable games never hear what Lionhead or Molyneaux have to say. If you don't read the interviews then you're not going to be disappointed. Game developers always hype their games and talk about how they're doing some special stuff, but from the perspective of the game player all those features never seem as special as the developer made it out to be.

I remember GG talking quite a bit about the lean and peek cover system for KZ2. And even IGN was talking about how innovative the first person cover system was, but when I played KZ2, I didn't really see what was so special about the cover system.

despair3453d ago

true, but Molyneux takes overhyping to another level, remember all the crazy stuff he said was coming to Fable 1, the second and now it looks like the third one won't live up to the level of his hype of that game released almost 6 years ago.

Lionhead3453d ago

Exactly why I don't listen to Molyneux.

The game will still be one to own this Holiday season.

T9X693453d ago

I kept up with some of the interviews and stuff but not every single one, everything promised obviously didn't make it in the game but I still wasn't disappointed. There was a few things from the first Fable I would have loved to see in Fable 2, but overall I really enjoyed the game and can't wait for Fable 3.

As far as Killzone 2, the cover system was nice in SP but like you said, it wasn't that special. I mostly play it online anyway so I could care less because that game is bad ass lol.

003453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

there seems to be more complexity to the combat then past fable games.

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