Deus Ex: Human Revolution Preview at CheatCC

CheatCC says, "It's been more than a decade since the original Deus Ex was released for the PC to much acclaim. However, in the decade since a lot has changed for the Deus Ex series. While the second iteration received positive reviews from critics, fans were definitely split as to the success of the game, especially in terms of the overarching narrative. In the time since the second game, Warren Spector has left the series and Eidos Montreal has taken over the reins. By all accounts, this sounds like bad news for the series. However, we recently got a chance to watch Deus Ex: Human Revolution demoed live, and though some reservations may linger, the game is definitely looking good."

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Hellsvacancy3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Im impatient to see this in action, its a day 1 buy no doubt about that (i know my tastes) but i wanna see sum gameplay/walkthrough