NPD: Microsoft Attach Rate Hits 8.9, PS3 Supply Improving

Sony said separately that supply for PS3 is improving. "While tight inventory had an impact on sales numbers in recent months, we are now beginning to experience greater availability of product," said Patrick Seybold, Sony Computer Entertainment America's senior director of corporate communications.

PS3 sold 155,000 units in May in the U.S., an 18 percent year-on-year increase. Software revenue was up 58 percent, Sony said, but the company didn't reveal sales figures.

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Nike3057d ago

Good to see that every console has something positive to boast about. XBox 360 is seeing good sales, while RDR sells well and the attachment rate rises.

Meanwhile, the PS3 is seeing good console sales as well and their software revenue was up by 58 percent.

Wii is stil leading the hardware sale. I'm not too excited about WiiMotion+ and Wii Resort bundles, but considering games like Metroid: Other M are coming up (not counting all the other biggies shown at E3)...hell, let the casuals have their games, and i'll have mine.

And the DS "represented over 86 percent of all handheld gaming platform units sold in May". Hell, it sold even more than the Wii in May. o.O

Spenok3057d ago

I dont understand how you could get bubbles. All your doing is stating what was posted in the article. It baffles me. Seeing as how the site wont load for me atm your all i have to go by. Thank you and bubbles to you sir.

Nike3057d ago

My intention was just to state how every one did good in May. Beats all the doom and gloom industry analysts are spouting. But if helped you out, then you're very much welcome. :)

ironmonkey3057d ago

sony has started making profit from console sales so its allll good now

SoapShoes3057d ago

That explains why Amazon hasn't been sold out for a few weeks lately.

CountDracula3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

I Hope theres a surplus and I get one for free! (plz) :)

Goood for them.

CountDracula3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

Neutral much?!


Unless you own both and hate the WII! XD

ClownBelt3057d ago

Congrats for a great month. Although, overall gaming industry is down.

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The story is too old to be commented.