Should Nintendo Create A Premium Online Service? (RunDLC)

RunDLC and GoNintendo debate whether Nintendo should follow Sony and Microsoft and create a premium online service. RunDLC says that such a service could be useful for delivering demos and trailers, while GoNintendo prefers to avoid paying additional fees.

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theonlylolking3970d ago

No, there is not enough hardcore online titles and hardcore players.

ChickeyCantor3969d ago

You know if you notice how much people go onto Facebook and whatever craptastic community website. The potential is HUGE.

It just depends on what you will offer.
It has nothing to do with " hardcore ".

GWAVE3970d ago

What would they add?

I'm guessing this is in response to PSN+, but PSN+ builds upon an already-great free experience. There is already a ton of content and features on PSN.

On the Wii, however, online is terrible. Heck, I'm surprised the Wii Shop Channel even works. Why would they charge a premium fee for slightly-less-crappy-than-befo re?

Nike3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Does it's audience dictate it should do so?

Is there a particular market share they feel they should assert their influence in? Does it warrant spending money, time and resources for?

Finally, does Nintendo feel it could gain something from a premium online service?

And remember - this is a company that introduced friend codes to protect kids online against "weirdos". That should give you a good enough indication as to how they feel about online play, in that - it's something they offer, and you don't really need it but it's there if you take the trouble. Unlike Playstation Plus, online play itself is currently the optional premium service of Nintendo (though more in terms of optionality and necessity than features).

They said they'd do more to improve it though, so let's see.

Xander-RKoS3969d ago

They already provide trailers for upcoming games on the Nintendo Channel as well as , I believe, demos for DS games.

Nintendo seems absolutely dedicated to not making people pay for online, especially in the western regions. Capcom did however get Japanese people to pay for their MH3 online service.

lil boy blue3969d ago

If they did that I woulnd pay because should have never did friend codes as a mandatory thing.