Top 5 Games to Play for July 4th

When I was trying to think of a way to integrate the upcoming 4th of July holiday into my article, I was trying to figure out what we Americans like. A quick look at the front page of most video game or entertainment sites revealed that what we like most is Top 5 Lists. As always, I live to serve. Here is your list of the top 5 games to play for the July 4th weekend.

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Playbyte3445d ago

This list is fantastic! These are my top five favorite games of all time!

notimetobeidle3445d ago

I agree with 2 of these but the other 3 I haven't played. Fallout 3 rules.

matgrowcott3444d ago

Just hate the idea that your celebrating the fact that we're no longer there.

Hard not to take that personally :P

Charcus3444d ago

RDR is a great choice.