Sony: Nintendo should have a broader perspective on 3D

With Nintendo entering the 3D market Sony opens their ears. Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida said that he would like to cooperate with Nintendo, rather than seeing the company "compete" the 3D experience seen through glasses.

He wants to see Nintendo have a "broader perspective on 3D." Is he hinting that Nintendo should also bring out a Nintendo Wii 2 with 3D graphics to further promote 3D televisions?

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Schneestern3967d ago

I'm curious about Nintendos answer...

GWAVE3967d ago

IMO, Nintendo already has a broader perspective.

Sony's stance is "buy one of our $1500 TVs and a pair of $200 glasses and a $300 PS3".

Nintendo's stance is "we will bring the 3D to you. No new TV needed, no glasses needed, and it fits in your two hands".

With that said, I'm excited for BOTH companies. I just think Nintendo is more consumer-minded.

Information Minister3967d ago

@ GWAVE - You're comparing oranges to apples. The technology deployed in the 3DS (parallax 3D) is unusable on large TV sets because of extremely limited viewing angles. It works on a handheld since you are holding the screen and can adjust it frequently. If the 3DS becomes a huge success and Nintendo decides to jump on the 3D bandwagon for home systems, they will end up eating their own words.

Lawliet3967d ago

Nintendo to bring 3D to us with handhelds and nothing more. With that said, its not bad, just Sony wants home entertainment.. Can't expect them to bring 3D to us with a console that's for sure. Nobody can, and if one could why would you think I'll go for a $1500 TV? I'd just dig it out from a junkie, and have the console do the transformation.

Christopher3966d ago

***IMO, Nintendo already has a broader perspective. ***

That's not really a broader perspective, actually. In fact, it's a narrow perspective specific to just their handheld market. It's a large market, but not as large as the TV user market.

Now, having said that, Nintendo really doesn't need to have a broader perspective. They just need to wait and see how it goes with 3D implemented by Sony and other TV makers and the video games put out in 3D. If it works, then Nintendo can just work on utilizing the standard 3D with their games based on the hard work of other companies who make money off of 3D hardware.

I think Nintendo is in the safe position that Microsoft is in. It's much easier to play catch-up in this are if it is determined to be profitable than it is to spend lots of money on something that hasn't caught on yet and might not go very far as it is.

evrfighter3966d ago

Sony knows if 3ds is successful people will begin to EXPECT glasses free 3d.

Not good for the kind of 3d Sony is going after. They're only stance has to be this. The only 3d I want is glasses free 3d. I own a 3d pc monitor. But I use it for the 120fps it gives me and that's it.

sikbeta3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

This is clearly Unfair if anyone think for a minute, Sony can say whatever they want cos Sony Corp make almost Everything Electronic + Entertainment Related, Nintendo in the other hand, just make Consoles/handhelds and Software and by that N can't have a "broader perspective" and just focus on Gaming, while Sony is Pushing 3D with TVs + Gaming + Movies...


You totally missed the point and Glassless 3D will come after Years and Loads of Money put on R&D, Nintendo is not gonna make a Glassless 3D Home Console, if they want to Apply 3D in their next Console is going to be with glasses...


You were proven Wrong One Time by Pennywise and Brutallyhonest, I'll take the links they posted to make this the second time:

hoops3966d ago

Actually its more in the lines of $3000 for a 3DHDTV....
if it were $1500 only for a 50"+ 3dhdtv many people would be all over it

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XactGamer3967d ago

Nintendo's answer is 3DS

al-burrito3966d ago

not convinced of 3D on this little screen yet...

TheViper3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )


I and thousands of other industry and media attendees at E3 a few weeks ago felt just as skeptical only to get wide-eyed in disbelief at what we say on screen.

I don't think I've heard one really negative opinion from those that played one yet.

sikbeta3966d ago

The Question is What will be Nintendo Answer when it comes to Home Console...

wwm0nkey3966d ago

Hey al take it from people that went to E3, the 3D on the 3DS is amazing! Wait till you get your hands on it.

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BeaArthur3967d ago

Really? You care about this ongoing pissing match? You can't really take either of them at what they say because the side of the argument each of them stands on is based on the product they are selling. It's impossible to know how either of these companies truly feels about 3D.

NYC_Gamer3967d ago

they should work together to promote 3D

Fefe3967d ago

I don't see me playing a Wii 2 on a 3D TV. No1 knows if this 3D-thing is going to be a good idea. So I doubt that Nintendo is working on a 3D-Wii.

portablegaming3967d ago

But hopefully without 3D glasses. Because they are silly. Nobody likes them. They look weird, the are uncomfortable and if you already have glasses, they suck totally.

pwnsause3967d ago

3DTV with 3D glasses are going to be around for a loonngg time. unless you have 10,000 to spend on Glasses' 3DTVs, then ok then....


3DTV's without Glasses don't depends on Nintendo.

There are already 3DTV's to use without Glasses, but are more expensive.

Make sense why Sony, Phillips and other Companies are pushing 3DTV's to use with Glasses, because is more cheaper and the development is more advanced.

table3967d ago

Sony would love for nintendo to go 3D with a wii 2 as it would promote sony's 3DTV range. They are pushing the TV's more than anyone out there so if 3D does not catch on sony will lose a lot out of all this.

I'm not at all interested, 3D with glasses just feels like old tech to me because it has been around for so long. That coupled with the very high price for the tech. I'm perfectly happy waiting for glassless 3D, albeit that is many years down the line.

gamerz3967d ago

Until 3D comes to Wii, trashing Sony on price and the glasses is a winning strategy.

MariaHelFutura3967d ago

I love it, hopefully it drives them both to progress further.

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