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"I can understand that, I for one still have not wrapped my head around PlayStation Home. I went on there for the E3 Sony Booth which ended up not blowing my mind. I have also been on there to play in the arcade area; again it did not blow me away. I think I know what the issue with Home is, that has always made me shy away from it. But first, what else has Jack said?"

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alphakennybody3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

very profitable($$), and 15 millions user connected if that is not a success,I don't what is.

knightdarkbox3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

HOME failure came down purely due to tactics.

The open beta that came out and never closed.
Lack of support from developers now after seeing what happened.

everything in home is stupid. oh look I am going to dance like a retard, and get into a line full of other retards and start dancing. oh look I am going to go play billiards. oh look I am going to go to the movies. you can do all these things in real life.

Cerberus21253963d ago

what a surprise,an Xbox 360 fanboy who thinks Home is a failure,how is it that the company that offers the service says that it is successful,and that is making them tons of money,but a mindless blogger and a 360 fan call it a failure because they don't like it or understand the purpose of it.

codyodiodi3963d ago

How am I an Xbox 360 fanboy? Lets see what do I own... An Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, and a PS3. I think I have given every company their loving. Hmmmmmm I bought Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3 because it is better on the PS3, I have played plenty of ModNation Racers. I'm far from a 360 fanboy. You however seem like a Sony fanboy because I said that the concept of Home is a failure, and now you are crying because of that.