How I Used to be a Graphics Snob

"Many years ago, I was shopping at Target and stumbled upon a combo package with Fallout 1 and 2 for only ten dollars. At the time, I had never heard of the Fallout series, but the box looked interesting and after reading a few of the selling points (blood, sex, and all of the stuff a teenage boy likes), I decided to buy the game. After I got home and installed it, the first thing that came through my mind as I watched my character moving through Vault 13 was, 'wow, this game looks absolutely wretched!'" - Just Push Start

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brazilianbumpincher3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

graphic snob....sorry if thats a bad thing

dangert123030d ago

I to this present day think Golden eye on N64 is the best game ever,forget whats on the ps3 thats the reason the N64 is future proof,the hours i've spent playing that game on multiplayer,mines hidden passages i walls quiet few games don't even have that shi*t now lol,it pisses me off to come on hear or to debate with some and there opionion of the greatest/better game is there better looking one with more on screen activity,like its stops the game from being dead boring and not fun(no im not talking about uncharted or heavy rain) just games in gerneral,even buy todays the graphics are shabby but the devs could learn somthing about making a fun game,

Red-Dead-Roar3029d ago

i can't read that misspelling shit without a punctuation mark!

MariaHelFutura3030d ago

Graphics matter or new consoles would never be built plain and simple. If you own a PS3/360 your lying to yourselves if you say graphics don`t matter.

Graphics matter, Gameplay matters. The both help to create a memorable expierence, get over it.

dangert123030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

who said graphics don't matter what i was saying is graphics don't make it a better game and even though older games may have shabby graphics (looking at it now)theres still alot that are way more fun

I mean golden eye(n64 version) or HAZE ?
see my point graphics are not EVERYTHING of course they matter and i did't say its not nice to have games with good looking graphics
i love running around on killzone but if golden eye on n64 could do online id play that over killzone 2 simple as its the fun factor thats more important to me hence why i would rather sit the and play geomatry wars over a full released xbox 360 games 'AT TIMES'

never said graphics did't matter the bone im picking was when people say graphics are what makes a game better then its counter parts halo 3 dominated the xbox 360's for a good few years and im telling you know its not because of its graphics

The Iron Sheik3030d ago

I agree with MariaHelFutura. If I didn't care about better graphics I would still be playing the NES.

Better graphics is the number 1 reason why most people buy a new console.

Ocelot5253030d ago

yes graphics are gameplay

I find gow collection more fun to play than the original gow on the PS2

also good graphics really boost immersion into a game

Proxy3030d ago

I was hoping for more physics based destruction and simulation with the PS3. Instead we get the same old games only with better graphics. There are some really good games on the PS3, but none of them really bring anything new to the table.

Take a FPS with one weapon, one enemy, one level, and give it great graphics. People will be interested in it, people will read about it and consider buying it. Although few will once the lack of gameplay is exposed in reviews.

Compare this to a game like Dwarf Fortress which has incredible depth, but poor graphics. Nobody sees it, it gets no publicity. Yet I play this game all the time while my PS3 gathers dust.

Graphics get peoples attention, and gameplay keeps their attention. Few games have both.

evrfighter3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

TBH it was Crysis that cured my graphics iz best syndrome. After that I knew nothing would ever come close to it which led me to be more open when playing new games.

It's been that way for a few years now.

El_Colombiano3029d ago

I tried playing Dwarf Fortress one but I had NO idea what the hell was happening.

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GWAVE3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

I'm a graphics snob when it comes to PC and console games. You can honestly tell when a game is not meant to have great graphics. These games are indie games on PC or handheld games. I'm fine with worse graphics. Sometimes those games have a charm all on their own.

On the other hand, it is "high end" games that are SUPPOSED to deliver the whole shabang (graphics, gameplay, sound, etc) but fall short that irritate me. For example, GTA4 was supposed to have "amazing graphics" and be immersive and all that, but the final version disappointed me.

And there's no reason to be artsy-fartsy or technical about this issue. Great graphics matter. They absolutely matter. We're not blind. We need to see what's happening on the screen, so why not make it look as nice as possible?

@ below

Absolutely. My Dad (whose last game system was the NES) couldn't care less about games but he loved the unique look of Patapon and the "Pixar" (his words) graphics of Uncharted 2, even though he only watched the latter.

ProjectVulcan3030d ago

Immersion matters if we want to move games forward in the perception of non gamers. This will come down to visuals. My grandparents laughed at the original Gran Turismo and fahrenheit when i claimed this were superb landmark titles, but they dont laugh at GT5 or heavy rain, better visuals have helped propel games so they are more believable i guess is my point. No longer childish and appearing as merely a cartoon toy but a serious medium to be savoured. :-)

dredgewalker3030d ago

Graphics do not matter! Intel, AMD, Ati and Nvidia spend millions of dollars on new processors to ensure that your wordprocessing programs and web browsers become more speedier......./s

pangitkqb3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Now, I've loved many games with simple visuals - old classics, puzzles, simple platformers - but those are games I play purely for gameplay. When playing something new that is trying to be flashy, that is when I suddenly turn into a graphics connoisseur. As such, I have invested heavily in a ridiculously powerful PC.

Yes, there are some great looking games on PS3 and 360, but for real graphics snobbery, even whorish graphics, PC is the way I go. Again, as an admitted graphics whore I have created a PC that can play EVERY current PC game on maximum settings.

FACTUAL evidence3030d ago

Sony spoiled me too much with their graphic prowess.

sid4gamerfreak3029d ago

being a pc gamer..ive become a graphics snob

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MightyMark4273030d ago

for my personal opinion, graphics is a deciding factor to me if I should get the game or not.

RememberThe3573030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Your going to miss out on some great titles that aren't too impressive in the graphic department.

For me it's:
1. Gameplay
2. Story/presentation
3. Art style
4. Graphics

D4RkNIKON3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Yeah I am a proud graphics whore. Games like Killzone2(3), GOW3, Uncharted 2 and GT5 make it so easy to fall in love with visuals.

A RememberThe357, I play other games too. The PS3 is just spoiling us with AAA graphics that continue to raise the bar and wet my appetite.

ShadyDevil3030d ago

Graphics can decide, but its the gameplay at the core what is most important. If it was graphics these 'HD' remakes wouldnt sell so well.

MightyMark4273030d ago

yea gameplay matters too.. Uncharted 2 is an example of great graphics and great gameplay!

MariaHelFutura3030d ago

If graphics didn`t matter they wouldn`t make HD remakes.

Cenobia3030d ago

Actually, I would get them just for the trophies anyway, but I'm a trophy whore so...

Level 14!

360Defender3030d ago

They make HD remakes because people are stupid enough to buy them instead of demanding the backward compatability with upscaling some systems started off with in the 1st place. Only to yank it out later along with other features in a desperate attempt to get the price down so they would stop getting their ass kicked both financially and in sales totals.

theonlylolking3030d ago

Graphics immerse you into the game. You probably wont be as into some games if they look bad. Just think if heavy rain looked like super mario 64 would you still have that same felling of realism and immersion? NO, same with Uncharted 2 and others.

Graphics are just as important as gameplay.

Brewski0073030d ago

If i like a game from the visuals, i'll look into it and if its received good reviews i'll probably buy it. If i play a game on a rental that I havent heard of but plays well even though graphics arent great.... i'll still consider buying it.

So for me, If a game plays well for me its the deciding factor, however graphical games do tend to catch my eye first.

MightyMark4273030d ago

Yep, graphics catches our attention usually. But then, when the gameplay sucks, we usually disregard the graphics, even though it's one of the best.

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