The Cheapest Xbox 360 Slim Available Today

Microsoft couldn't let their PS3 deal using Bing go without an Xbox 360 S counter deal. The new Microsoft Xbox 360 250GB SLIM Console is available for the cheapest price ever, $254.99 after using BING.

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demonddel3960d ago

im thinking bout getting 1

Hideo_Kojima3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

If I find this price in the UK I am getting one for sure.

Edit: Sainsubries MAY be selling them for just £140 in the UK :o

=212U.S. dollars

iistuii3960d ago

That's the price they are selling the Elite for .

nygamer283960d ago

good getting it now

iistuii3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Argos in the UK are selling the Elite for £149.00 with 2 free games and an extra controller. OK it's not a slim, but the Elite has the same Jasper insides so what a bargain.
Ive got a 360 and wont be buying a slim for the sake of it, also if mine goes tits up i'd buy an Elite for these prices and they will get even cheaper.

Risky_243960d ago

I don't think the elite has the same chip as the 360S. An offer like this for the elite is still a sweet deal

PS360PCROCKS3960d ago

Ahhh!! Dammit I wish I had money right now set aside for this! I just bought a macbook pro and 3 books for class! Dammit!!