Gran Turismo video shows Top Gear

GB writes: "Gran Tusrimo 5 is looking like one of the most detailed racing games around. And that was kind of expected since the game has been in development for almost 6 years now. Well we got our hands on some latest footage from the game, check it out below."

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gameseveryday3124d ago

This game just looks amazing. But that was kind of expected really after 6 years of development....wait! the game is not even out yet :S

williamkenny3124d ago

After all that time it had better be damned good. But if visuals aer anything to go on, I'm impressed.

Dan GamingBolt3124d ago

As long as the game delivers it's all good, and i'm sure it will deliver.

ruibo3124d ago

looks awesome as always but they need to release the damn game

Brewski0073124d ago

Hahah brilliant, Im gonna try get a good time round there in a kia cee'd as soon as i can !! :) Im sure clarkson and co will love this!

GamingForever3124d ago

Looks pretty awesome to me!

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