Xboxic Interview: Beenox - Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

Xboxic Writes: "ICGamers has decided to catch up with Beenox, the development studio in charge, and the game’s producer Stephane Gravel to tell us the latest on the anticipated new direction for the series."

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thisisxbox3963d ago

Anyone have high hopes for this game with new Devs, considering the Treyarch developed games didn't do that well?

Quagmire3963d ago

Im hoping this is successful like Arkham Asylum and Transformers WFC.

mastiffchild3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Well, could be good, who knows? Certainly, I felt there were good things in Spiderman2 and in WoS as well but both games just fell short of nailing the Spidey experience in full.

Taking the multi Spiderman approach is brave and they deserve credit for taking it on in a new way-at the very least it sows some guts and self belief so why can't they succeed? Spiderman3 is one of the worst games i've ever played in tons of ways and being honest the worst thing(bar the thumb cramp)was the repetition and fighting a billion soft as butter thugs. This one will mix things up and give us varied enemies from the different times and dimensions. I think it's got a chance of really succeeding or being way too much for them but I'm stil very hopeful and think the changing artstyles work pretty well so far in and of themselves. Fingers very much crosssed as I always preferred Spiderman to the other everyday, household name superheroes.