E4G: Singularity Review

E4G: Guys at Raven Software definitely know how to make a good game. Actually with titles such as Jedi Knight 2, Heretic, Soldier of Fortune, Wolfenstein and many others, expectations for their next FPS game called Singularity are quite high. You can relax gamers as they didn’t fail though they didn’t create a masterpiece either.

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mmoracerules3447d ago

NEver really liked this game, but that is just me

dkblackhawk503447d ago

Well, it is a good game, a different approach none the less.

matrix2243447d ago

Yep, I can not think of a game that has done something smilar

dkblackhawk503447d ago

I know a game that did something similar, just can't think of it..hmm

PirosThe4th3447d ago

Timeshift was different... you could speed and slow time... but not do the crazy stuff you do in Singularity.

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dkblackhawk503447d ago

I just like this game with what you can do in it.

matrix2243447d ago

Exactly, it offers that uniquenss

mmoracerules3447d ago

in my opinion, it doesn't use that to its fullest.

PirosThe4th3447d ago

i like the game so far... got it for pc... but it has way too many low res textures...

it does look amazing at times... and the story and gameplay are great.

AliTheBrit193447d ago

Its a very good game! deserves more praise, incredibly fun gameplay and a pretty solid plot too.

KingPin3447d ago

what i like about this game is the idea. but then again, its similar to that of blinx, the time sweeper on the original xbox. the only problem with that game is they didnt fully utilize the idea to its fullest. i think this game suffers from the same. but they got the foundation there, a sequel can always fixed past mistakes. :)

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