Pachter: Industry in permanent decline

Analyst says May was “stacked in favour of dramatic growth”; Nintendo decline is “remarkable”; Digital ascendancy is upon us

“We expect investors to remain spooked by the May results, as they are beginning to reinforce the notion that the video game industry is in a state of persistent secular decline.”

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MariaHelFutura3083d ago

"Industry in permanent decline"

Well then, this world must be coming to an end.

Donny3081d ago

patcher is a farm wh0r3

Bobbykotickrulesz3081d ago

"Well then, this world must be coming to an end."


Conloles3081d ago

One could say Pachter is in decline

playstation_clan3081d ago

gaming industry is still strong, if games like call of duty can make a billion dollars then games that actually took time and effort will make more. am I right or am i right

Spenok3081d ago

You should be right, but sadly it appears the game where dev's actually innovate dont appeal to the masses... lets hope people start pulling there head out of there asses, lets start with mr. pacther over there.

MNicholas3081d ago

Almost all the developers are trying to do the same thing. All the games play the same. It's boring and predictable.

The reason is that all of them think the same way. This always happens when MBAs are put in charge and, inevitably, they are.

Unicron3081d ago

Well, it's a vicious cycle. Look at what happens when devs DO try something new or different (Ico, Alan Wake, Okami)... no one buys them. So devs react by making the types of games that sell.

ruiner44823081d ago

Alan Wake wasn't anything different. Ico was and is a very niche title. That's like saying everyone should love Lynch movies. They aren't for everyone just like Ico wasn't.

MiamiACR3081d ago

World news: Pachter in permanent decline of anything worthwhile to talk about.

outrageous3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

I think over looking piracy, especially for the 360, DS, PSP and Wii, is a mistake. Piracy could account for alot of the sales problem.

The cost of games is too high, plain and simple. They want to raise the price further which will only make matters worse. The Wii with it's bad graphics and every game having the exact same game play mechanic, regardless of the title has had it's 15 mins of fame...which lasted 4 Sony Move will suffer from the same problem, every game plays the same. Point and waggle, Kinect not much different, smile and

MW 2 was so popular, it sucked the life out of many games. Gamers are quite content to play MW 2 until the next big Multi-player game hits. COD Black ops will be big again and steal away gamers from other titles this holiday. Adding a fee to play COD will change very little for the hard core COD group. Most of them only play COD so any price hike won't bother them, sad really.

Too many games at too high a price. Charging for on line game play, charging for DLC already on the disc, forcing people to enroll to play multi-player, attacking the used gamer market, telling everyone to buy another expensive TV to play there games, forcing people to buy $150 glasses to play a new game an a new TV, wanting to charge for demo's...etc, it no wonder games are not selling well.

imec3081d ago

The biggest problem with the industry today is actually an extreme increase in development costs while profits have stayed relatively the same.

If I were to summarize this generation shortly I would say "more risk, less reward."

Raz3081d ago

There are a lot of cool games out there that I wouldn't mind owning. But I simply cannot afford to shell out $70 for games two or three times a month. Take a look at the economy, then take another look at video game prices, add-ons, etc.

And sales are down? Shocking. Could people need money for - you know - real life stuff?

If they're going to keep those prices where they are, then they should quit flooding the market. ..And do I need to point out that $20 for a map pack is money I won't spend on a new game?

ClosingRacer3081d ago

I think he is in a permanent decline... This dude has no clue on gaming and go somewhere else to annoy people...

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SuperStrokey11233083d ago

“We expect the publishers to monetise the value created by online play, led by Activision. We continue to expect Activision to find a way to monetize the 1.75bn hours of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 online play on the Xbox 360 in the first five months following the game’s release."

Well if that happens i think that will be the official beginning of another crash. I sure as hell wont be buying into that crap.

dgroundwater3081d ago

I find this to be super frightening. Even if it's just ads or something, you know it would only get worse with time.

NecrumSlavery3081d ago

Well one thing is for sure. Double dipping, hell triple dipping is a plague on gaming.

nikkisixx23081d ago

I'm sure pachter isn't helping.

Kyur4ThePain3081d ago

and that is that this idiot will then be out of a job and I won't have to listen to him talking out of his arse any longer.

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