Wii Being 'Prematurely Abandoned' by Publishers, says Pachter

Following yesterday's NPD results for May, Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter noted how the Wii's software sales continue to decline, which he sees as a bad sign for the system and its publisher support.

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Cloudberry3033d ago

Patcher's strikes back...

NYC_Gamer3033d ago

Nintendo has never really needed 3rd party support

Venox20083033d ago

patcher patcher... he's just blabbing, blabbing, blabbing....

ebgeer3033d ago

I don't think I can remember when Nintendo did have really good 3rd party support on a console. I think the last one that probably did was super nintendo....64 wasn't bad, but they still had bigtime lulls in thoughts on this is that the devs are sticking to old ways(graphics/"hardcore games") meanwhile nintendo has a huge install base for the Wii--but it is a different demographic that the devs dont really know who to target---not to mention that porting to the wii never works--and they always have to develop a brand new game for the wii because they can send the same game over. Which is really a shame because I htink the Wii is a really nice peice of reliable hardware. The controls are interesting if used in an intuitive way(which very few devs do)...and I don't think that many Devs spend enough time with the games they bring to the Wii. I just don't understand how devs make their games look great on the Wii, and then you get like 80% that just make garbage. Its realy interesting. If you could make a game that could sell across the Wii install base...dont you think you would spend a bit more time on the game? a few more resources?

Fierce Musashi3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Many of us have already knew for quite some time, Pachter.

Looking back at the history of third party "support" on that console, I'd say that ship has sailed. Simply take a glance at the list of third party Wii titles at GameStop and get your barf bag ready.

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