Amazon Giving Away Free Money with Select Games

Kombo: As we slog through summer and head towards fall thoughts will begin to turn toward the amazing games that everyone will be playing once the days start cooling off and the leaves begin changing color. Gamers looking forward to certain titles will likely pre-order them in order to have day one access, and Amazon is offering to sweeten the pot on a number of upcoming games. The company is now giving away store credit for a smattering of upcoming major releases as a pre-order incentive.

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harrisk9543961d ago

They charge less than retail and no tax... I purchased RDR for $55 and got a $20 credit, Lego HP for the PS3 ($46) and the DS ($28)and got back a $10 credit for each, and Tiger Woods 11 for $56 and got a $20 credit.

wsoutlaw873961d ago

there are other games also like madden 11 that give you the credit