Apple’s response analysed Could Apple recall the iPhone 4? Will they dish out free bumpers for everyone? Is there actually no problem at all and we’ve allowed ourselves all to be brought into the hype?

Opinions will continue to differ, but Apple has at last published a full and lengthy response to the dropped-signal scandal that had dominated the iPhone 4 since its arrival last week.

The long and short of it? It’s not far off what some had already speculated. It had already been suggested that the way iPhone 4 calculates how many bars to display on its signal indicator is wrong. That’s not quite right, however. Apple reckon the way all previous iPhones had displayed it was wrong. They all dropped signal when you held them too!

No, we’re not joking.

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hoops3971d ago

Holes already in their response. And this coming from Cnet that is a site that is favorable for all Apple products