Tanaka: Additional Final Fantasy XIV Races Very Possible

Final Fantasy Union: "Anyone who's been following Final Fantasy XIV will be aware that the game features exactly the same races as Final Fantasy XI, albeit with different names.

However, speaking at E3, Hiromichi Tanaka, director of Final Fantasy XIV has hinted that more races could be added."

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Selyah3031d ago

Sounds cool, theres a lot of potential they could do there considering the number of races in final fantasy in general.

Noctis Aftermath3031d ago

Just remember, if you want to roll another race be prepared to pay additional subscription fees.

mephman3030d ago

Or you could just cancel your main if you're sick of it. :p

Eskimo Keith3030d ago

Would be nice to have different races but i'd still stick with the good old humans

mephman3030d ago

Don't you mean Hyur? :p

Hardedge3030d ago

I'll go with the big guys and make him look like Big Boss!

I wonder what kind of races they'll add though.

Ironfungus3030d ago

That's all I ask for. Effin', Moogles.

Kyll3030d ago

What's the point of having so many, if they are adding more?

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