Off The Rails - Multiplayer is Ruining Games

Jason from XboxInsider writes: "My rant tonight is actually a related one too: how many games have shithouse multiplayer.

My problem isn’t with games having multiplayer per se, it’s more of how it’s shoehorned into games; partially due to ridiculous demand, partially due to ridiculous needs from developer ‘higher ups’. Why do they something so silly as adding multiplayer to a game that doesn’t really need it? Well, that’s where you come in, and shame on you it is! The executive devils are only following what is demand, and it’s players such as yourselves (maybe not you specifically) that have called for multiplayer, constantly whining that a single player package isn’t a ‘whole game’. So they add it to appease you; and you know what? Nine times out of ten, it’s really average (and I use that term very loosely)."

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Drazz3028d ago

Bioshock 2 is a prime example. Single player suffers because of publishers thinking they can sell CoD numbers by adding multiplayer. Now Mass Effect 3 is gonna have multiplayer..... There might not even be a leveling system in the next 1, just shoot and talk.

Rob Hornecker3027d ago

Co-op is only as good as the people you are playing it with. I look for a 4 player co-op mode when looking at new games to buy. I have had many of fantastic co-op games of GRAW 1&2 over the years and use it to judge all other co-op games by.

Newer games such as Borderlands,Operation FlashPoint 2, and the upcoming Crackdown 2 will offer 4 player co-op campaigns that make for a great lesson in teamwork that you just don't get in "everybody for them selfs" games like CoD/[email protected]&MW2.

Teamwork seems to be a lost art form in video games which seems to get worse than better at each new games release. I don't know if they are turned off by meeting new people to play with or are just sick of a screaming ,foul mouthed 8 year old ridiculing your playing abilities. I recomend playing with people on your friends list for the best expereance.

I don't mind paying extra for a 4 player DLC add on like BFBC2's Onslaught mode,but get it out on time and give us some true value for the money!