Mint PS3 Slim - Wife wants me to sell...jokes on her

ediddy999 writes: "What would you do if your wife asked you to sell your PS3? One unlucky ebayer found himself in this very situation, but like a man made the best of it. After his wife told him to get rid of it he decided to do just that, by listing it on ebay for $15,000.00. Now no one in their right mind would ever buy a PS3 for that much money and that is what he’s counting on."

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ediddy9993183d ago

This is a crazy story. My wife would never ask me to do this.

brazilianbumpincher3183d ago

but just imagine someone bought it....

Bereaver3183d ago

Someone should buy it to just rain on his parade. lol

ediddy9993183d ago

read the article. He has a backup plan in case someone buys it. A Very smart man.

zootang3183d ago

The Backup plan should be take the 15 grand!

ZombieAutopsy3183d ago

yea he could buy 47 Ps3's with 15k, not that one needs that many but i'm sure it would piss off the wife.

GreenRingOfLife3183d ago

Then he could buy the new Xbox 360 Slim plus Kinect, as well as many 360 games as he can afford

it would be like Christmas in July for him

Hideo_Kojima3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )


I am sure his wife would like the Xbox Kinect more than the PS3... you know because its for non gamers she can do Yoga exercises on it and stuff...

HolyOrangeCows3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

I'll never get with a woman who can't ask me to play less if she wants it. I hate these stories of these irrational women married to gamers. Smashing them, selling them, deleting accounts....stupid. Communication skills, woman. Learn them.

"Someone should buy it to just rain on his parade. lol"
Oh yeah. Making $15,000 for a game console. He'll be crushed. /s

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Cerberus21253183d ago

why not just sell the wife?.serious tho,that is kind of selfish,the man has nothing to do but gaming,I'm sure when he stars work he'll not have the time to play so,why not do it now,and why would someone buy something under the condition that,I'll get it for you but,if I ask you to sell it you have to.if I get something for someone I'll never ask them to sell it,it comes from me so.

ShakeShakeShake3183d ago

Wait until the playstation vibrator (Move) comes out, I'm sure she'll find the Playstation playful.

CimmerianDrake3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

And what better than Microsoft's very own gifts of a nice assortment of scratched discs coupled with a very Christmasy Red Dot of Death to go with your new Xbox 360S. Why, if he hurries, he can avoid the Christmas rush and pay $50 a year to play online games, paying twice for a full game. And, if he acts now, he'll get the priceless satisfaction of knowing he purchased hardware of substandard quality, manufactured right in the good ol' Communist Republic of China. China, where 5 year olds working in a sweat shop means savings and budget quality electronic hardware for you.

Call now to place your order.

MicroSony4Life3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

Pick your balls up and start wearing the pants in the family.

My Shiny PS3 fat BC and 360s are two things that my wife knows not to mess with.

I remember when Hurricane Ivan hit my island, the only thing I took to the shelter was my PS3 : )

Prototype3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

Maybe she wears the pants, and the apron?

Or maybe she plays the male...

Davoh3183d ago

Maybe all she wears are the pants and an apron

Prototype3183d ago

Another reason why I'd rather game single than date someone, this line alone makes my blood run cold:

“I know you just finished graduate school, and your job doesn’t start for two months, but I’m sick of you playing that stupid game all the time."

Why is it every game to a non gamer is considered stupid?

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Hideo_Kojima3183d ago

if he throughs in his wife as a bundle with the $15k PS3 I may take it... but than she will not want me to play my PS3 and I would have to sell her too :-/

ediddy9993183d ago

I have never seen anything greater.

ZombieAutopsy3183d ago

Ha now i know what to do if i am ever in this sort of situation.

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