Gran Turismo 5 to get more than one Collectors Edition.

Atindriya Bose, country manager for Sony Computer Entertainment India, has revealed in his interview with IVG earlier today that Gran Turismo 5 will have two collector’s editions; one that has already been announced by SCEA, and a second more exclusive collector’s edition with a “really big package” and “lots of paraphernalia that goes beyond the game”.

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Newtype5101d ago

Probably adding shoes again like with the last one.

Donny5101d ago (Edited 5101d ago )

me...hey boss...

boss. yea what?...

me. kiss my ass im off to play gran turismo.

FishCake9T45101d ago

With the lifespan of Gran Turismo your probobly going to end up like the WOW guy out of South Park, only difference is you have a steering wheel in your hand. I know thats what im going to be like when the game comes out.


monk3395101d ago

When the milk is good, milk it baby! And we know Sont like to milk their good franchises, man I can't wait for this game! day one!

sikbeta5101d ago (Edited 5101d ago )


You'd totally lose your job, not for saying that, just because you'll not be able to stop playing GT5...


I'll Totally Buy the Ultimate Epic Bundle: GT5+PS3 Bundle...

sixaxis5101d ago

Still giving away MOH beta keys (10 ppl already got it)

monk3395101d ago

Thank, I am fine, I am playing Warhawk, a mans game.

Lou-Cipher5101d ago (Edited 5101d ago )

I want a Gran Turismo 5 Ultimate Edition that has a:

1. Custom made Gran Turismo 5 PS3.
2. Wheel & Pedal Setup.
3 Current Collectors Edition of the game.

They could charge $555.55 in honor of GT5. :) That would be an intant buy for me.

mrv3215101d ago

There's probably too much content anyway... I never though I'd say that. The game has too much to do.

Nike5101d ago (Edited 5101d ago )

When did you play it?

mrv3215101d ago



Briefcase Joe5101d ago (Edited 5101d ago )

LOL. Want to know why I'm laughing? Look in the fridge! I know right?

monk3395101d ago

I agree mrv, even blu-ray has limits.

Venatus-Deus5101d ago

They are. November 2nd. relax.

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