Project Offset Officially Shut Down at Intel; Founders Launch Fractiv LLC

It looks like the long-in-development PC first person shooter called by its code name Project Offset by the development team Offset Software is officially shut down at its home at the PC processor maker Intel. Big Download contacted the the company to get an update on this long-in development project and received this response via email today.

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Darkstorn4101d ago

Word. Hopefully something good will come of this, however.

monk3394101d ago

You make vapor ware and spend money on parties and hookers, you are bound to get shut down. These guys where trying to be a new 3D realms, selling ideas and vapor. Glad this hype machine is over.

SOAD4101d ago

Can anyone else hear Pandamobile sobbing?

El_Colombiano4101d ago

Really man? Really? Grow up, what does that have to do with the article?

SOAD4101d ago

It was a joke, lighten up. Panda was really excited for the game.

yewles14101d ago

*quietly laughs in a corner*

Pandamobile4101d ago

I've been waiting for this game since 2006 ):

webeblazing4101d ago

i know i am this is some bull

El_Colombiano4101d ago

Sorry SOAD. I did take it seriously. I'm just used to how immature these comments tend to be when people don't see eye to eye with a particular system.

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sid4gamerfreak4101d ago


rly looking forward to this game

sid4gamerfreak4101d ago

wth i cant edit my last post

anyway i meant 'rly looked forward to this game'

Its ok we still have many great pc games to look forward too...

DeadlyFire4101d ago

Frativ should continue this game I believe. If they were smart they still should own the IP for this game. Even if Intel is ending its game development idea doesn't mean Frativ won't pick it up. Intel might just give them all the stuff they own from it if they own it.

EvilBlackCat4101d ago

i bet this will (just like Duke Nukem) have an appearance on next gen consoles.

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TrevorPhillips4101d ago

Looked really good.

Kinda reminds me of Lord of the Rings

CountDracula4101d ago (Edited 4101d ago )

Never heard of this

WTF is it?

(Too lazy to read article)

Halo rip-off? or Fallout ripoff? or maybe Assasin's Creed?

Not all rip-off's are bad mind you.

AngryFork4101d ago

It was like a mix of Demons Souls and Lord of the Rings. It was supposed to be a huge PC graphics powerhouse like Crysis and supposed to show off the power of Intel's graphics card (Larabee), and pave the way for the video card.

But Larabee got cancelled and now the game unfortunately. I wish they'd release a demo or something just to let us play. Check out some vids on youtube to see gameplay of it.

CountDracula4101d ago


I looked at a 2007 game-play preview, and all I have to say is W-O-W!


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