How can we design a fulfilling moral system for a video game?

dbzer0: I recently started replaying Fallout 3 but this time with the addition of a few truly excellent modifications. I won’t got much into this other than to say that Fallout 3 seems to be 100% better when modded but the main thing that struck me as I was going through the quests is how unfulfilling the moral choices and the relevant moral system is. It’s nothing more than a Good/Evil scale which seems to telepathically travel around the world making everyone have similar reaction to your character.

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Darkstorn4010d ago

I say just get rid of the whole good/evil dichotomy. Instead, replace it with the conflict between individualism and collectivism. At their most radical, each ideology represents the opposite of the other (individualism=greed, collectivism=absolute altruism).

In a gameplay sense, individualistic characters would gain more short-term rewards while making fewer allies in the game world, whereas gamers who choose a collectivist route would see fewer tangible rewards, but perhaps more support for their cause toward the end of the game by NPCs and the like.

Just an idea.