You Might Not Have Known, but Handheld Gaming Is Huge

Video games have long been the staple pastime of every under-30-year-old male in the developed world. But while we love all gaming systems great and small, the little handhelds hold a special place in our hearts. For many people, they are the only insurance against boredom on the daily commute (and the most efficient time-waster when you're sitting on the toilet). And by "many people" we mean, oh, just 177 million people.

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GhostOfSparta784005d ago

Yeah. I for one own a PSP to play my PSone classics on the go, and maybe see a movie or two.

FragGen4005d ago

I use handhelds as "boredom insurance" in many situations. The PSP is the only handheld I've had that was powerful/compelling enough to play on its own, except for maybe the Sega Nomad (which I still have, it's going to be a collector's item someday! That's what I tell my wife, anyway).

remanutd554005d ago

well psp Go has brought me back to handheld gaming ( thanks in part because of its portability and the latest ps franchises releases)
Motorstorm Arctic Edge
Little Big Planet
Jack and Daxter The Lost Frontier
Gran Turismo
Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker
Socom Fireteam Bravo 3
Resistance Retribution
Syphon Filter series
Pixeljunk Monsters Deluxe
Locoroco series
Patchwork Heroes
Fat Princess Fistful of Cake
ModNation Racers
Ratchet and Clank Size Matters
Hot Shot Games : Get a Grip
MediEvil Resurrection
Killzone Liberation
BUZZ Quiz World
God of War Chains of Olympus
Ape Quest
Wipeout Pulse
Secret Agent Clank
Savage Moon these are my psp games and im looking forward to play : God of War Ghost of Sparta , Valkyria Chronicles 2 , Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep , Eyepet , White Knight Chronicles
yeap handheld gaming is pretty huge to me , if only sony would add the whole psn experience on the little system or at least AN ACTIVE psn friends list ,wow i would game even more on the go lol

raztad4005d ago

Very nice list of games you have there.

Having a bast with PW. Going to buy Persona 3, VC2 and GoW:GoS.

I'm with you in the PSN experience on the go. It's about time Trophies for newer games + PSN friend lists are available.

remanutd554005d ago

yeap im currently playing Peace Walker , Hot Shot Tennis Get a Grip , ModNation Racers ( online ) , Socom Fireteam Bravo 3 ( online , having a hard time , getting owned a lot lol ) , Little Big Planet ( online , downloading new community levels ) , yea im used to the ps3 online capabilities now and i really think it would be something really nice to be able to talk to psn friends ( doesnt matter if they are on their ps3 ) on the little system and push more online features

kerrak4005d ago

Great games remanutd55! I also have a huge psp collection.
PSP is one of the most underrated systems in history. People tend to judge psp games as if they were console games, many times forgetting it's a portable system.
Hopefully Sony will stick to this market segment with their new iteration. I think something very big will happen with psp2. Cloud on the go? Ability to play any ps3 game with reduced resolution? Phone? Sexy gadget? PSN integration?
Sony has the ability to push the hardware envelope, and the market is more complex now than 5 years ago (iphone, ipad, nintendo, android, ...). Can't wait.
Meanwhile i'm more than happy with my psp and all the incoming heavy hitters: VC2, PSP2, P3P, KHBBS, YAK, FF13A, T3B, GOWGoS, MHF3, PAT3

Nugundam00794005d ago

Getting Ready Dragon Quest IX by playing Tales of Innocence on DS-Peace walker was tons of fun!

gumgum994005d ago

Currently playing Kirby Canvas Curse on my DS. Great game. Love my DS. ^_^

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