PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 Should Be Fully Upgradable Consoles

Guerrilla Play Writes: The Xbox 360 and the PS3 are truly technical marvels of their time. Both have achieved amazing feats in their run as this generations true HD consoles. However both the 360 ans PS3 at some point will reach their technical limitations. Most speculate the 360 will reach its technical limitations before the PS3 which may be accurate. The PS3 has the newer technology inside so, it would only make since.

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Fishy Fingers4105d ago

Unified hardware is what gives consoles their strength and offers them some longevity.

Allowing upgrades would compromise that, splitting the community, and cause drama to developers having to cater to the various permeations of each SKU/console.

N64 dabbled with it, but it's really not a sensible idea for anyone, consumer, producer, developer.

If you want a PC, buy a PC.

SOAD4105d ago

Since PC games are scalable, why can't console games be scalable?

There is no division in PC gaming because players with different rigs can still play against each other. No one is alienated because the developers make it possible for people with weaker rigs to play games with less anti-aliasing, less shadows, less reflections, less ambient occlusion effects, lower texture quality, less particle effects, etc.

Consoles can work the same way. It would greatly extend the lifecycle of base consoles if they were upgradeable. Let's say everyone starts out with Graphics Card-A when they first buy a PS4 or an Xbox 3. Then, within 4 years of the console's lifecycle, Graphics Card-B is released. People who purchase Graphics Card-B can play their games with slightly better effects. People who stick with their orginal Graphics card can continue to play all games and upcoming releases with better texture quality, better particle effects, etc. And replacing the graphics card would be an easy slide-out, slide-in process, like adding more RAM to your computer.

I think this would be an excellent idea. Rather than having Sony or MS invest billions of dollars in rolling out new consoles, they can create scalable consoles that can be upgraded for a much cheaper price.

Consoles would be a lot like PCs at this point. Which makes me wonder why Sony and MS don't give up the console business altogether and stick to developing on PC.

Fishy Fingers4105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

You miss the point about unified hardware. PC gaming is scalable yes, but it "suffers" because of that. For example if PC hardware was unified you'd see much better results form the "weaker" components available.

Knowing exactly what hardware is in the users "box" allows you to optimize for that configuration, rather than catering to a vast array of set-ups, drivers, software and so on.

SOAD4105d ago

I agree that with PC gaming you have many different setups, but what I envision for upgradeable consoles is for there to be only two different setups: Graphics-Card A and Graphics-Card B.

@ PirateThom

You'll still be able to play every game made for the console with the base setup.

Developers won't have to concentrate on many different configurations, just two.

Persistantthug4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

There's more to upgrading than just GRAPHICS CARDS.

What about ram?

What about Harddrive space?

What about medium?

Hell..why stop there...CPU?

Now with that, you've now introduced a TON of problems for not only the developers, but also the oft. confused consumer.

This is Waaaayy more trouble than the overall worth.....overall.

Hideo_Kojima4104d ago


But PCs arent unified because you get dual cores triple cores dual graphics cards integrated graphics cards etc etc...

What if it was upgradeable but in a way that the hardware code would work exactly the same way because the hardware would be similar? So have 2 version of a Cell processor and not have an upgrade that is a Quad core for example.

For example PS4 with the Cell at 3.2ghz and an upgrade with the Cell that worked in the same way but at 4.5ghz?

Wouldn't that allow developers to use the 3.2ghz for the main game but just add extra effects with the remaining 1.2ghz per second? Same with RAM they could just up the detail in textures if you had room for more RAM.

likedamaster4104d ago

I'm with fishy fingers. With consoles everything 'just works'. It wouldn't be a console if it was upgradeable. Plug & play = consoles.

Persistantthug4104d ago

How many people are gonna upgrade to this?
How many people aren't?

Which upgrades?

What about developers that don't want to support this?

Cost for developers?
Cost for consumers?
Have and have nots.

These are just the BEGINNING problems you are suggesting to be done.

Consoles are popular because of their EASE OF are suggesting to do away with perhaps the main draw of consoles to the consumer.

TERRIBAD idea......

XactGamer4104d ago

I agree as long as the hardware has a minimum to play all games. Also being fully upgradable would allow gamers to have customized options. If hardware is faulty you would only need to replace what is bad and not the whole machine. Hardware fanboys would also die leaving only game fanboys which are fine.

nickjkl4104d ago

get a got dam pc and leave consoles the hell alone jesus

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Nitrowolf24105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

the only thing that should be upgradable is the FW (through the companies) and the HDD

Like you said it is just too much of a hassle for people and developers.
and yeah just buy a PC, i mean having upgradable console is just a PC strip down for gaming, there would be no point really.

developing for just PC no, I have a PC and i game from it but the reason why i don't like it is having to upgrade it from time to time just to play a game because it requires a specific spec.

PirateThom4105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

I play on consoles to AVOID having to upgrade hardware, knowing I'm always on the same playing field as everyone I'm playing with. Part of the console advantage is knowing you can buy a single piece of hardware and run every game that gets released for it.

I don't care enough to upgrade a PC, why would I do it with a console? I have a 3 year old laptop, it's getting to the end of it's life, I'll just buy a new one.

Keep that to PCs.

Darkstorn4105d ago

Game consoles ARE becoming more like PCs, though. I realize that unified hardware is important for brand recognition, 'unity,' etc., but offering more upgrade options should not in this case be seen as a negative characteristic.

atticus144104d ago

I *would* be for upgradeable consoles if it werent for the fact that the next gen of consoles, should have a massive powerboost since tech has advanced quite a bit AND has become cheaper...

The next consoles should do 1080p @ 30+ fps without a problem, 3D, & decent physics...considering what developers are able to achieve on such anemic hardware already, the next gen consoles should really remove all limitations on what can be created. Years ago when the Ram numbers were released for the PS3 I was horrified. Even back then 4gigs of ram on pc was common as was 512mb on video cards and they were pretty cheap to boot, and to have the ps3 annouced with 256 MB system and 256 MB video ram I was thinking Epic fail, now years later a lot of these games look better then i cold have ever imagined even though they are typically not even 720p. So next gen consoles really dont even need the power boost once the devs get their engines polished. The only thing that could desire more power is if a higher resolution is pushed for the home consumer tv market.

UnSelf4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

" would only make since"

since when does 'sense' means since

mustve been since cents stopped calling itself sixpence, which made sense according to cents common sense, which hasnt made sense since the sixpence had a sixth sense for making sense.

xX TriiCKy Xx4104d ago

Haha, bubbles for making me laugh.

Hideo_Kojima4104d ago

That was off topic, funny, but also annoying...

sid4gamerfreak4104d ago

Lol just buy a gaming PC

Doubt consoles would be upgradable in the future

I would elaborate but it seems like fish fingers has already spoken my mind

Another reason why pc gaming rules

Snakefist304104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

So Tat Hackers Cud Easily Hack Those Two.Hellno They Need To Build A Hackproof Console Just Like The PS3.

pangitkqb4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

And I think people are making it more complex than it has to be.

First off, console makers would obviously guarantee that every PS4, Xbox 720, and Wii HD could play every game whether upgraded or not. In other words, a certain standard level would be set ensuring everyone could enjoy each title no matter what. Separately, those that choose to take advantage of available upgrades would simply then have access to higher resolutions, sharper textures, better shadows, etc...with no change to core gameplay. I do this all the time switching from my UBER Gaming PC to my laptop. I play many of the same games on both and the core experience/gameplay is the same even though my PC is honestly 8x more powerful. They may look better on my heavy-duty desktop, but the laptop does plays just as well on lower settings. Btw, that is an EXTREME example. Upgrades to a console wouldn't be anywhere near an 8-fold increase in processing power. If it works so well in PC gaming with such a big difference, why not on consoles with much smaller upgrades?

For example: Let's say Uncharted 3 comes out on the Ps4. Every PS4 could play it well right off the shelf. However, those willing to fork out a little $$ for an upgrade would simply enjoy a more appealing visual experience and arguably faster loading. All the Ps4's online would still work just fine together and there wouldn't be any major advantages in gameplay for those that upgrade, just better visuals and effects. Why is that terrible?

Stop being closed-minded to a rather simple idea.

lh_swe4104d ago

One ENORMOUS benefit with the release of a new console ever couple of years is the huge cashflow it brings.

And like many people have already said in this comment section part of the reason we bought console is so we don't have to worry about not being able to enjoy the peak of the consoles capability, I however think that when the new consoles release we'll be taking a huge leap in console graphics that'll last us at least two years in sheer awe, and by the end of this console life PC games will be (/are) far beyond the console capabilities, like the previous generations and thus I predict the next consoles will follow in suit. And I have NO PROBLEM with that, if I did I'd be gaming primarily on my PC.

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Titanz4105d ago

What happens to the rest of the "PS4 or Xbox 720" owners who wanna play a game but are forced to upgrade a certain of piece hardware?

Thats why I'm not a huge fan of pc gaming(its fun to play pc games, but I hate adding hardware just to be able to play the latest pc game).

SOAD4105d ago

You're not forced to upgrade. The latest PC games will run on lower settings on older hardware.

Godmars2904105d ago

But its because, in no small part, that PC gaming and upgrading got so out of hand that its become so "standardized" now. That devs consider low-end systems when making a game. There just aren't as many technophiles willing to shell out 2K for a bleeding edge graphics card as there use to be.

And it really has me saying "Really?" that some people here are looking at this and saying that console upgrading, modular components, would be cheap. Especially from MS.

Darkstorn4105d ago

I have a two year old laptop with a graphics card that was considered 'midrange' at the time it was purchased. Now I can't even play Bad Company 2 on lowest settings (it's a 256mb Geforce 8600, btw). Even The Witcher's framerate stutters and chugs at times.

STONEY44104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

*Meant as reply to Darkstorm*

"that was considered 'midrange' at the time"
"it's a 256mb Geforce 8600, btw"

What? The 8600 series was always low-end, it was barely above the 7600GT (which, by the way, was comparable to a 6800 Ultra, so you're essentially using a 6 year old card). The only real difference was DX10 support, which it was too weak to really take advantage of. And the 256MB is a large part of your problem too. Mid-range during the 8xxx series time were the 7900s, and that thing can max Left4Dead 2 maxed out at 1440x900, and at a really good framerate (personal experience, not taken from a benchmark).

Godmars2904105d ago

The next PS/XBox will be upgrades, but they will not be, aside from HDD, upgradeable. Consoles and console gaming just doesn't work that way.

lzim4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

why can't it work that way? some SKUs are designed for the cheapest possible consumer hardware setups (sadly coming down to what TV they have), which would apply to Sony as much as Microsoft because they must have learned from their painfully slow start that not all consumers will jump in and support their new Playstation hardware just because, but some people are very willing to buy the best they can offer while it is competitive with PC (like running an OS was a awesome touch). But that lowest common denominator is still SD. Forcing their consoles to be digital only with 3D support, still doesn't mean it needs to run anything more than 720p and just max that out.

People who are happy to run another generation on SDTV shouldn't be forced to buy something that they don't need. Sony can and will upgrade PS4 though to suit their top of the line TVs. The gap is going to be ridiculous.

so on the other hand what's that upper limit for Sony? 1440p at 240hz or higher? 1600p to run on iMacs, multiple displays (please)? more RAM for less loading and streaming and compression? and multiple CPU cores (which are designed to turn on only when needed) for better physics and AI. Some people don't care about that stuff either and won't pay for it.

But the important part is that they might eventually. I want to see a $1000 Xbox. But someone buying a $250 Xbox probably isn't going to dump it just to buy a $1000 model. Letting people upgrade makes it easier to convert a cheap console into something special later, cheaply.

What's going to make the next set of consoles last another 5-7 years versus PCs, 3DTV, movies and most importantly stand apart from the current generation and not seem like a penny ante? Especially after Microsofts no-glasses 3D tech demo.

Godmars2904104d ago

Dude, seriously, you might want to see a thousand dollar Xbox but as far as know there are some who have yet to forgive Sony for the PS3's $600 price tag while ignoring its value as a Blu-ray player and other features.

Devs are not going to commit to a console title that will either require an upgrade to get the best graphics much less one that scaled down from that peak.

This the same - stupid - augment as MS releasing a 360 with an HD-DVD or Blu-ray dive. It would have caused too much confusion in the general market including retailers, developers and consumers. It would have been beyond a train wreak.

You are literally talking about creating tons of electronic garbage per household.

branchedout4105d ago

I dunno.

Sounds a lot like a PC to me.


They will be upgradeable but it won't be the same as how you upgrade your PC. These upgrades will most likely be very different and affordable.

But then again it consoles might not take that route.