DVD size limiting Project Gotham Racing 4

According to a developer over at the official Project Gotham 4 Racing forums, they are having problems Fitting all the data of the tracks which was unveiled at today into the game.

He writes :

"You won't see different times of day per city because this involves recreating all the textures again (one for day and one for night). Whilst this wasn't a problem for our dev team, it was a problem fitting all this data onto a single DVD."

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TriggerHappy5721d ago

this is going to be epic. *runs to a corner and puts on anti-fanboy shield*

ReconHope5721d ago (Edited 5721d ago )

What is your shield made of? lol

Azures5721d ago (Edited 5721d ago )

Its made of blu-ray discs, they can deflect 5x the flame of a DVD 9...and the reinforced multi-layer blu-ray thats a lot of flame protection!

uxo225721d ago (Edited 5721d ago )

This is EXACTLY what downloadable content is for, especially for people with the Elite systems with 120g of HD space. It's not like they not going to release all kinds of crap in xbox live marketplace for PGR4 anyway.

EDIT: @sonarus (Below) Come on dude, I don't know about you but I don't play 25 games at the same time. And in most case as with most people, after they have beaten a game once or twice, they put the disc away never to be played again. (in most cases). You act as if people would let their HD fill with downloadable content for games that they are no longer going to play. (be fa real)

It doesn't matter anyway, people will disagree with you in most cases on this site without giving any thought to a point of view that doesn't match their own. I never said that downloadable content was the best option, I only said it could be used. Also remember, all games DON'T require 25-50 gig. So, please don't take this issue to the extremes.

sonarus5721d ago (Edited 5721d ago )

wat do you mean this is what downloadable content is for. Thats not what its supposed to be for. DVD-9 cannot be sufficient for the entire generation so you want them to take advantage of downloabale content to balance it out. This is only the begining 2nd yr for the 360 i wonder how many games we will see having problems with size. Oh well dual disks is always an option

Confirmed by an unknown source that dosent work for kojima. I am sorry but i will take kojima's word over your OXM anyday. You can be a blind fanboy all you want and thats ok. Multidisks are cool and its funny you mention scratched disks considering 360 disks are easier to scratch and in fact the 360 even gives you a hand with that. LOL. I mean how hard is it for you to accept. You can never go wrong with extra space you can continue with your downloadable content after downloadable content till you essentially run out of hard drive space. PGR will be a great game because i am sure the developers will get around the lack of space but denying the lack of space in dvd-9 to be an issue is just blind fanboyism

Nigglet5721d ago (Edited 5721d ago )

No, they will always be insecure about the memory gimped PS3. Gran tourismo was on 2 discs on the playstation you pathetic retards. If they thought it was really hurting or restricting the game they would use 2 discs also. But it is not that big of a deal to them, so it is not a big deal. You sony idiots look pathetic everytime you bring this up because there will NEVER be an advantage to blu-ray because of compression technology and...use 2 discs content. If you want more storage on blur-ray they go further and further towards the surface making it easier and easier to scratch, good luck with that, I'd rather have two safe discs or download content.
And the retards below me, people say you don't need a new format because you don't, what dumb post, and the guy below him is even worse, FF games were mostly on 4 discs you ignorant ars. You people...just funny. I know these people will drift as replies are made their ignorance remains.
By the way, MGS 4 is no longer PS3 exclusive, it is reported in the Official Xbox magazine August issue on page 88 that the port is being done by a different team of course since the one guy quit, but the xbox 360 version will come out a few months after the PS3 :)
LOL at dui, you better change your post before people ralize how retarded you are, gran tourismo was on 2 discs anyone who played it knows, 1 for sim mode and 1 for multiplayer. Now who is retarded?
And anyone who read August xbox mag knows MGS is coming to xbox, owned again. You will have me laughing to myself all day.

D_U_I5721d ago (Edited 5721d ago )

Go back to school.

1. How the hell did i get owned, simple mistake.... assface
2. MGS4 is ps3 exclusive, when Metal gear comes to xbox i will become GOD... Its not going to happen, so take your 180 and tears of war and go rub your wet**************** sorry i'm a gamer not a [email protected]


NTSC-J5721d ago

Gran Turismo 2 came with two discs. One disc for Simulation mode and One disc for arcade mode.

SmokeyMcBear5721d ago

damn whats with the racist names up on here lately, nigglet, change your name.

And yes GT has been on 2 discs, I believe they were CDs

KingME5721d ago

If you have the core of the game on a DVD9 disk and you are running out of space for thinks like additional tracks and other stuff not pertinent to playing the game. Why can't you use downloadable content, wasn't shivering Ilse downloadable for the 360? I mean disagree all you want, but it would be nice if people disagreed when it makes sense. But, how can you say tracks and other content can not being added to a game through downloadable content.

Everybody in the world don't have to jump on the blu-ray hddvd train. Stop hatin' !

gaffyh5721d ago

You'd think that PGR would move over to PS3 if this was a problem, but it won't because it will have too much competition from GT, it already has competition from Forza, but GT looks much better than both of them and moving over would pretty much be suicide. I guess this story kinda proves a larger capacity format was required, a little bit.

This story is a big flame bait.

GRRiMREEAPeR5721d ago

speaking of racist sns urs needs to be changed too...

hazeblaze5721d ago

You're so dumb. If that was the case than compressed files on cd-roms should have been good enough instead of advancing forward to dvd's.

And obviously compression techniques ARE NOT good enough for them to get this data onto the dvd9's or else they would not have made any comment on it.

Devs are greater than you. And the majority have already commented on the superiority of blu ray vs. dvd's as a format.

rareairtone5721d ago

Last generation i purchased a ps2 before my xbox. in fact i fell in love with the xbox because of the better graphics and i liked the controller. i purchased the 360 because i wanted a next gen console fast and i couldn afford the ps3 (i do have the premium 360). now i dont think its unfortunate that i purchased it me encanta the 360 i really thot it was dumb that there was an option for a 360 purchase without a hard drive. just like microsoft misperceived (if that's a real word) that this generation was fine with dvd software for video games they miscalculated making a 360 available without a hard drive.

if there wont be a firmware update for the 360 (im a noob when it comes to computers i dont know if we can download something to allow a higher storage dvd to be able to be read) it seems this generation the first console i bought does not have the capability of producing the better graphics of the 3 at this time.

i wonder how microsoft is going to feel about their gameplan next year when by that time developers are going to be more used to making ps3 games? i remember when multiplatform games of last generation came out--the ps2 version was inferior to the xbox version in terms of graphics. what will make the developers change this generation? sympathy? because the 360 is easier to develope for? i love the 360 in fact, but microsoft put their heads in the gallows with a slowly descending guillotine when they released the 360 almost 2 years ago...

Covenant5721d ago

Common sense, reason, intelligent discourse...

...and naked women. Fanboys wouldn't know what to do with any of those.

Staircase5721d ago

"By the way, MGS 4 is no longer PS3 exclusive, it is reported in the Official Xbox magazine August issue on page 88 that the port is being done by a different team of course since the one guy quit, but the xbox 360 version will come out a few months after the PS3 :)
LOL at dui, you better change your post before people ralize how retarded you are, gran tourismo was on 2 discs anyone who played it knows, 1 for sim mode and 1 for multiplayer. Now who is retarded?
And anyone who read August xbox mag knows MGS is coming to xbox, owned again. You will have me laughing to myself all day."

Metal Gear Solid 4 is currently exclusive, and I am confident it will stay exclusive. They have made numerous articles on why it will stay exclusive, and all you are going on right now is a extremely small section of a magazine that is based on rumors alone. If it does go multiplatform, good for it. More people will get to experience the greatness of the Metal Gear Saga. However, you have no right to call someone a "Retard" because you think it will be on the 360.

"since the one guy quit"

. . .

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TriggerHippie5721d ago

And people say we don't need a next gen storage format...

Marceles5721d ago

SNES catridges *cough* FF7 can't fit *cough cough* move it to Playstation *cough sneeze*, sorry...getting a little cold in here

Syko5721d ago (Edited 5721d ago )

In fairness FF7 didn't fit on Playstation either. It was a 3 disc game. Still a classic.

I wonder if it would have been on 1 disc if it would have been even better???

Edit @2.4
While I see where your logic is going, You are really nitpicking and grasping at straws now. It in no way would have changed FF7 if it was on one disc or on 10 discs. While it is nice to have it on one disc it is not the end of the world to have two or more discs. Next gen it could be "necessary", just not now. While I do think it will be "used" this gen, I think "necessary" is a little to strong of a word IMO.

Marceles5721d ago

I'm just thinking...what if they had multi-cartridge games lol? But also cartridges couldn't stream FMVs.

strongbad14415721d ago

while it was indeed a great game, ff7 would have been better on a single disc. with multiple discs, there is a higher chance of getting one scratched. and a single disc out of a set of three will not be as easy to replace as a disc that contains the whole game.

SlappyMcTaint5721d ago

Denial is a beyotch ain't it?! The "not enough space on DVD9" stories are starting to come up more often now and all you can do is bring up old PS2 games. NICE! Perfect little xbots, distracting from the actual topic at hand by bashing the PSx any and every way you can.

How many discs is Blue Dragon on again?

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BubblesDAVERAGE5721d ago

They will be recanting this statement in a few know MS got there fanboys believing that more space isn't needed...the question is IF there is a chance for more space why not use it?

Just more space who cares if its blu ray or HdDvd either way Ms would have been better off with either..or a standard HDD

360Sheep5721d ago

So it begins......

oh wait nevermind, already happened with Blue Dragon

tehcellownu5721d ago

Blue Dragon doesnt even look that great either and takes up 3 disks!! lol. The demos sucks big time i didnt enjoy it at all..

gEnKiE5721d ago

3 disks???? holy crap! haha

Nemesis5721d ago (Edited 5721d ago )

posted in wrong place.

marionz5721d ago

people get so worked up over nothing, i like the fact blue dragon is on three discs, kinda makes it feel more epic
at the end of the day i dont care how many discs the game is on, its not like the old amiga 500 days where you had to insert disc one load....five minuites later insert disc three....five minuits later insert disc two....
i mean have you seen the graphics in pgr4! man they are awesome the rain and weather effects on the car are the best ive ever seen!
if you think back to the ps1 days i kinda wonder how that console ever did so well though, the graphics where awefull, i didnt care bout the fact the games were usually on more then one disc but the graphics where nasty
thats why i played zelda etc on cart, point is there is all sorts of storage media out there so whats the point of complaining about it if your getting good games?

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D_U_I5721d ago

Well s*it happens, live with it.