Army of Two Latest Screens & Info

Electronic Arts revealed a smattering of details about its upcoming PS3/ Xbox 360 co-op shooter Army of Two this morning, including extended plot information about main characters Tyson Rios and Elliot Salem, and namely, how they came to do what they do.

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Karibu4553d ago

And gameplay is alot more interesting too.
If no alien or monster shooting, awesome.

zypher4553d ago

as a matter of fact, only a few games look as good as GOW, and only a handful (Heavy Rain, MGS4 and Crysis) look better. but Army of Two DEFINATELY looks good. another one i'm keeping on my radar.


this doesn't look anything like GOW, you freaky fanboy

it does look better than resistance though...

Lucidmantra4553d ago

yes but the cool thing is we 360 owners will be able to compair first hand. Not to be stupid but they will both be out for the 360 and eventually I hope Crysis also (I am hoping.. this is a personal wish not confirmed)

Karibu4553d ago

they have about same amount polys and details, but
I like the design of Army of Two better. = looks better for me. Visuals are better in action too, more going on = better for me.

It's the gameplay why I'd choose this over GOW.
Though I'd play rather Katamari Damacy than those two games.

andy capps4553d ago

It doesn't look better than Gears of War or Resistance, but it still looks really nice. The completely Co-op thing sounds great and I'll look forward to this game as well along with you other Xbox 360 and PS3 fans.

TheMART4553d ago

Haha Heavy Rain, MGS4 can't be better looking then GoW. Did you wear your glasses while viewing the footage?

And I guess all the awards on E3 said enough.

Gears will be all that. Nothing to kick it of it's 1st place!

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kingboy4553d ago

doesn`t look better than GOW nah!i think only crysis is ontop all now

Sphinx4553d ago

looks and sounds really cool. I'm putting another one on my list of games to watch for.

Lucidmantra4553d ago

This was EDGE Magazines #1 of E3 and GOW was #2

TheMART4553d ago

And everybody elses, as all the E3 awards Gears was #1

Lucidmantra4553d ago

To be honest Mass Effect won a couple also.

THAMMER14553d ago

This is the type of game that make me a happy 360 owner. I know this will be on PS3 but I want to feel the vibration when I bust that big heat. Plus online with my live friends. Hot hot hot.

Sphinx4553d ago

You're right! I forgot all about that! Sony fanboys won't have force feedback! That's ok, though... they can tilt stuff... HAHAHAHAHAA!!!

specialguest4553d ago (Edited 4553d ago )

- hahah damn, i had no come-back for those comments. it's true though.

achira4553d ago

every fps game i played on the pc had not this feature. do you want to know the truth ? i dont care, and i dont want this vibrator, i have a girl friend.

zypher4553d ago

why does everything article have to turn into a flam war?

Lucidmantra4553d ago

because that is how it works here.

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The story is too old to be commented.