Now Square Enix Has A Monster Hunter Type Game

In Japan, Capcom’s self-descriptive Monster Hunter series (above, pictured) is enormously popular, selling millions. Namco Bandai has created its own Monster Hunteresque game, the popular God Eater. Now it’s Square Enix’s turn.

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TotalPS3Fanboy3058d ago

and FPS-nization was the answer?

In the end, I hope Wada understands that it's about about making a good game, like Monster Hunter.

Commander_TK3058d ago

one that thought Monster Hunter went downhill when it went multiplat?

rezzah3058d ago

You can almost say that but overall MH alone is a powerful game in its own right. Its awesome that they brought out a tru sequel (tri), however it ended up on the Wii. I have played it with the PS3 type controller but even so it doesnt do the game justice. It still feels off, I know this because ive been playing Mh since it came to the PS2 in 2004. Trust me, if you play the game with the DS3 it would deffinitly increase the experience much more. I do not know how it would do on the 360, and people say that controller is geared towards FPS types.

Drazz3058d ago

awwwww psp...... pfft. Thought for sure it was on ps3.

Quagmire3058d ago


Spenok3058d ago

I fully agree. A monster hunter on PS3 with a story to keep it rolling would be EPIC. Now lets just hope and pray that the Monster Hunter armor you could get in Lost Planet on PS3 is some kind of indication.

dredgewalker3058d ago

I want MH3 on the PS3 not a MH wannabee.

Tricksy3058d ago

lmao because you have played this game and know what its like right? lol...u tard

dredgewalker3058d ago

Looking at Square's track record this generation you think I have a reason to be excited about their games? I am completely unhappy with FF 13 and it was disappointing compared to their past games. First and foremost there will only be one Monster Hunter for the true fans of the series and even if the game can be as good it will never be the same for me.

3058d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.