Samurai Warriors 2 coming to Xbox 360

Koei Ltd. today announced plans to release Samurai Warriors 2 on Xbox 360 and PS2 this September. After its critical and public success upon release in Japan, Samurai Warriors 2 is widely regarded as the definitive Warriors title. Building upon the best features of the series, it perfects what has gone before while adding remarkable new ideas into the mix to offer gamers the ultimate Warriors experience.

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xXbebofisherXx5399d ago

though it may not compare to N3 (nighty nine nights) DW and SW are still great hack and slash games. i hope they make this one better than DW5 Empires. i want classic hack and slash back. not really a hack and slash RTS. Koei please deliver a good hack and slash so i can have N3 and SW2 to play when i get home.

Bluemayhem5398d ago (Edited 5398d ago )

On the Saints Row demo, this guy loudly proclaims that it is pointless and goes of praising this completely pointless Piece of junk of a game.
There is nothing wrong with giving a constructive review but it was not the case.
To go and post that these games are brilliant...
You have won the "Complete Retard" award for today.

TheMART5399d ago

Again, no PS3 version.

Man PS is going down over and over again.
Japanese producers are stepping in big time