Parody: Justin Bieber’s “Kinect” Commercial

Microsoft’s partnership with teen sensation Justin Bieber has finally come to light. In this commercial, Bieber promotes the upcoming Kinect device.

Kinect. Justin Bieber. OMG!

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cobraagent4605d ago (Edited 4605d ago )

Who does this arrogant, ignorant, childish, immature kid think he is????
Worst commercial ever but he has a point, Kinect was made for 13 year old girls and idiots like him

Mucudadada4605d ago

Chill! I was just having some fun. You don't have to watch if you don't want to.

knight6264605d ago (Edited 4605d ago )

who this kid? i wish bieber died agree to me if u hate justin bieber

Mucudadada4605d ago

Oh wait, do you for real think I'm the actual Bieber? LOLOLOL.

Incognegro4605d ago

lol reading alot of the comments makes me think alot of people don't know what Justin Bieber looks like or the meaning of Parody.

TOO PAWNED4605d ago

yawn, i made it 5 seconds in then hit pause.

Ryudo4605d ago Show
jack_burt0n4605d ago


You get a point for the "just squeal" lmao :)

exnihilonihilfit4605d ago

You're retarded, it was a parody commercial which was put together to make that point. Clearly you are completely socially and culturally illiterate and so is everyone who agreed with you. Fanboys are so dumb, they can't even recognize who or what is the butt of a joke.

Menech4605d ago (Edited 4605d ago )

You forgot also the times when people try to make a joke and end up making a joke out of themselves.

Which in this case is generally the case.

O well at least the Sony Extremist's find it funny but I guess they do all share the same brain cell.

HolyOrangeCows4605d ago (Edited 4605d ago )

"You wanna see the vampire guy have an awkward conversation with that pale chick? Just squeal...EEEEEEEEEE...and you're there!"


Incognegro4605d ago (Edited 4605d ago )

well...I'm not really picking sides here, but exactly how does this constitute as making a joke of himself? So far, looking at the few people who realized that it was a parody, a majority seemed to have found it humorous. You're justified in thinking it's lame, but just made others laugh, so dude pretty much did what he set out to do.

bjornbear4605d ago (Edited 4605d ago )

take what cobraagent and anyone who thinks thats justin bieber says as a compliment!

it no way looks like him, and the editing is far from commercial advert quality (duh) but hey =P it worked! xD

@ menech "sony loyalists" don't find it funny you skewed fanboy. ANYONE who thinks bieber is the epitome of what has become the nauseating quality of the commercial music world finds this in the least amusing (even if its because of the awkwardness)

you don't need to be a fanboy to laugh at bieber...

kratos1234605d ago

that made my lol man you have to show my more of your dance moves i want to dance just like you

but good video made my day

iceman064605d ago

and the squeal line was classic!!! Apparently, some people are holding on to their console bias even in the face of humor! You pretty much nailed the concept of the targeted ad campaign. Oh, and I can't hate on Justin Bieber. He has such girlish charm and pixie-like appeal. *LMAO* Is it really his fault that we haven't taught our younger generation what REAL music is!?!?

sikbeta4605d ago

OMG! That retard is Justin Biever lol, you kidding me right? this guy is "teh star"?

And before anyone jump into hating me for not knowing Who The Hell is he, sorry, Music this days Sucks! I don't listen crap, the last craptastic music I heard was a Song from the Backstreet boys like 10 years ago, also a couple of Months ago I was lurking on MTV and I don't know Why, but I only saw Reality Shows and crap like that, I was thinking way they don't change the [M] of Music TV for an [R] and make it [Reality TV]...

RageAgainstTheMShine4605d ago (Edited 4605d ago )

more cougars and beavers please! ROTFLMFAO!

commodore644605d ago (Edited 4605d ago )


I applaud your youthful ignorance in this matter, after all you're just a kid trying to get some attention.

Making a clever parody using wit and humour is one thing, but using MS official marketing footage and a copyrighted Bieber background track in your parody makes it quite illegal.

If you want to be smarmy enough to make a parody... sure, go ahead, but at least use your own footage and material.
MS and Bieber could sue you (or your parents) for copyright infringement and loss of income, due to your negative portrayal of their commercial assets, as well as unauhorized use of their (costly) marketing assets.

As it stands, you are using Bieber copyrighted material and MS marketing material to publish an official public document that breaks several laws.

The Lawyers are going to love this.

HolyOrangeCows4605d ago

LOL, you're a part of MS's law team, too? Cute.

kunit22c4605d ago

I thought it was funny, I have no clue why there are people hating.

koehler834605d ago


The entire thing falls under the category of parody and as such is not subject to any legal action. But feel free to continue to spout your ignorance like you have any clue about the law, regardless of the fact that you clearly don't. It's a free internet.

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Aphe4605d ago

Who is this Justin Bieber guy? I can't be arsed looking.

Imperator4605d ago

He's an extremely overyhyped 16 year old who looks like a 10 year old girl and sings like one to. Simply put, he's music is terrible and only appeals to tween girls.

EpicGamerSwordsman4605d ago

sad to see this is where music has gone this generation, just overhyped kid shit with no talent, he uses auto tune & STILL sounds like shitty kids bop trash. we need to bring back 70's-90's music, the BETTER Ages.

Snakefist304605d ago (Edited 4605d ago )

Guys do u really think tat hes gonna be in kinect.I mean is he really wanna play with kinect.My little cousin is forcing me to buy one believing tat hes gonna be on kinect so tat she can talk and play with him

Jack Klugman4605d ago ShowReplies(2)
FreeFalling4605d ago (Edited 4605d ago )

It's official, N4G has no humor.

Downtown boogey4605d ago

And apparently it's full of people who just accuse others blindly.
"Who's Justin Bieber..? He's young and famous? I hate him!"

SimpleSlave4605d ago

Buahahahahaha...ok this was funny as hell. Almost made this entire nightmare about Kinect/Move/Wiimote bearable...almost. 10/10

blazBlue4605d ago

I lol'd so hard.

This was so funny.

PeterGriffinSays4605d ago

This isn't even Justin Bieber. Just goes to show yall would hate on anything and everything.

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Godmars2904605d ago (Edited 4605d ago )

Isn't Bieber a chick?

What have I been whacking off to all this time...?

Seriously though, who is this...guy?

Biggest4605d ago

Kinect with Justin Beiber. OH MY GOD!

That was pretty funny. Almost as funny as watching the actual Justin Beiber talk to Ludacris or Usher about holding the spot down fo da lay-days!

GrieverSoul4605d ago

This might be one of the best reasons to be european!

I have no idea who Bieber is! ;)

Basil-Rathboner4605d ago

Kinect with a right hook on the annoying little $h!ts chin.

EvilBlackCat4605d ago

he is just promoting Kinect right now

MmaFanQc4605d ago

i simply CANT WAIT to see KB talking about justin litle fag.

AAACE54605d ago

That was funny! The irony of it is that he is making fun of Kinect targeting young girls and older women, while Move is targeting that same crowd...Lol!

Don't believe me? The advertising pic posted in Game Informer showed 2 young girls and what looked to be their mom playing the archery game with Move. The idiot who made that pic put an empty chair in the middle of the picture.

What was it trying to say? Was there a guy (son/dad) sitting there but thought it looked stupid and left? The lady needed 2 move controllers to play the game (no sub controller).

I don't feel like looking for the pic, but it was in issue 205 I think!

Wrathman4605d ago

wots the legal time limit for abortion?

seriously does this kid not have a company looking after him?

i watch 15 seconds and he has the biggest mouth.its huge.he must have 77 teeth in there.and i know some of you pervs are thinkin 'boy has purdy mouth'


blumatt4605d ago

That reminds me of on Family Guy one time where Quagmire though Hanson was a girl and they tell him he's a guy and he can't believe it. He's like "Oh god, I've got all these pictures, Ohhh Goodd!!!" lol I lmao at that.

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MrGunny944605d ago

Damm i cant see this or my eyes burn

GhostOfSparta784605d ago

Will the REAL Slim Shady please Stand Up!

NotoriousWarrior4605d ago

I don't know if that will help increase sales or

I would feel really dumb if I bought Kinect after watching that.