Guild Wars 2 Achievements, Feats & Activities


Activities are mini games that take place in cities. They can range from a string of objects that each produce a note when interacted with (allowing players to “play” music collaboratively) to full on mini PvP games such as snowball fights and bar brawls. Activities have no level restrictions and place everyone on an equal footing so that all players can participate.

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StopQQing4600d ago

This game sounds so much better than the first.

Neo Nugget4600d ago

No kidding. The first was pretty great, although it's a bit dated now.

SuperStrokey11234600d ago

Fast travel for a fee? I assume they mean in game funds but still, why do you need this at all? It was free last game and was really a bonus, unless of course they are wanting a gold sink.

Neo Nugget4600d ago

That's the only bad part about this. :(