EA hints Dantes Inferno 2

A Job Listing on EA hints Dantes Inferno 2. The Publisher looking for a Lead Level Designer for an Action-Adventure Sequel at Visceral Games ...


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Kingdom Come5127d ago

It's problem is that it didn't live up to God of War 3, which was a huge challenge. I think if time is taken to improv the graphics engine for the title and they add some unique gameplay mechanics they have a chance of coming close to the Epic franchise that is God of War. An announcement of a sequel would be good news though as the first games art direction was fantastic and the story was quite good.........

gtamike5127d ago

God of War 3 was alot better

Snakefist305127d ago (Edited 5127d ago )

In Terms Of Gameplay,Graghics,Texture and Scale And The Raw Power of the cell Only Ps3 Cud Handle this kind of EPIC Game.No Matter wat EA wud do they cant compete with this EPIC GAME.If they do it will be a complete ripoff again.They (EA) need to hav new ideas so tat people wud think this not a GOD ripoff.

xino5127d ago

Dante Inferno must have started out as a small project and evolved into a big game that EA supported and even made a anime movie out of and soon a real life movie.

This game really fails! How can the people who brought out awesome Dead Space can come up with half assed game Dante's Inferno? it just doesn't make sense! The graphics sucks! You telling me about 60fps gameplay. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 60fps is better than this, GOW3's 60fps gameplay is the best I've ever seen in my life, and now Castlevania Lords of Shadow has amazing 60fps gameplay too.

I'm not looking forward to DI2 not unless Visceral step up their damn game!

The Meerkat5127d ago

And why not.

Make the game a little less linear and have the enemies spread out rather than in arenas.

Oh and more boobs.

ClownBelt5127d ago

I want the "more boobs" route plox.

mirroredderorrim5127d ago (Edited 5127d ago )

I want the "more game" route.

kevco335127d ago

Still haven't got round to playing the first one properly yet...

Sneak-Out5127d ago

I have played God of War and i have played Dantes Inferno, but God of War is the real one

Waldi5127d ago

I hope this one will be better then the first Dantes Inferno. It was boring.

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Rumour: Dante's Inferno/Army of Two sequels in the works, despite EA's claims

SystemLink: "Super-spy Supernnuation has dug up a whole lot more secret treasure recently, and claims that Dante's Inferno and Army of Two will be coming back for seconds. Or, in Army of Two's case, thirds. Army of 2.3? Wait, we're confused..."

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Cajun Chicken4615d ago

Hope so! Dantes Inferno was epic!

Ace_Man_64615d ago

Wow, I though I was the only 1 that thought so! This made my day lol 😊

rezzah4615d ago

there is a a lot of dislike for this game for either being a fail representation of the original medium (which I have but haven't gotten to reading it yet), or that it is a copy of GOW3 which was the influence of the game's gameplay design.

Even if these are your main reasons for disliking the game people like you (Ace) and me enjoy it for what it is, it is one of the games this gen that has the best atmospheres that makes you stop to watch and "feel" the games environment. They mixed pain (most of all) and pleasure well within this game.

Ace_Man_64615d ago


Totally agree my friend *Bubble up*

GameOn4615d ago

Most enjoyable journey I've personally had through hell.

Berserk4615d ago

One of my favorite games! Not at GOW3 level, but still awesome in so many ways for me :D
If there is a sequel, day one!!!

ironfist924615d ago

This, definitely not as epic as GOW3, but still a fun game in its own right.

Pikajew4615d ago

Dantes Inferno had lots of potential but they made it fail

Der_Kommandant4615d ago

Army of Two 2 was diarreah