Ten bad game-to-film adaptations (

Hadlee Simons takes a look at a few bad film adaptations of videogames, from Street Fighter to Final Fantasy.

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Wizziokid4006d ago

Most game-to-film adaptations are terrible it just seems no one understands how to do it right...

The ones which are actually good are (my personal list):
-Final Fantasy Advent Children
-Resident Evil (Just the first one, 2 was ok, 3 was terrible)
-Resident Evil degeneration
-Silent Hill (Was decent)

Can't think of any more at the moment...

Apolloeye4006d ago

I actually really liked spirits within.

stonecold14006d ago

terriable same with mario bros mortal kombat 2 movie felt rushed tomb raider wasnt that good street fighter with van dam was ok but was not what i had expected

hadlee4006d ago

I actually liked Mortal Kombat movies >_>