IGN: Why We Heart PlayStation Plus

IGN: If you're like us, you need a nap because today has been too damn crowded with PlayStation 3 awesomeness. PlayStation Plus is out, and it's packing free games, avatars and the promise of loads of content for the next year. On the other front, Firmware 3.40 is out and allowing PS3s to upload pictures to Facebook and videos to YouTube. It even displays your Trophy levels on your Friends list.

It's too much goodness!

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colonel1794651d ago

It´s good to see PlayStation Plus is getting the love. It is indeed a great value for gamers.

Keltik824651d ago

Totally agree bro, Very nice addition. They did a great job!

Trey_4_life4650d ago (Edited 4650d ago )

Who doesn't heart PS plus?

It is a new defining, DLC membership offering hundreds and hundreds of dollars of games and DLC, as well as exclusive beta's and free trials to full games.

The playstation brand is at the strongest it has been for years and is still continually evolving, first the victory at E3 and now this, so trust me when i say..........

The futures bright, the futures playstation.

TheGamer4650d ago

Gonna go home buy it today.

*keeps reminder*

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morganfell4651d ago

I gave them some love this morning as soon as I logged on...15 months worth of love for starters. And my fellow commenters are correct. More than worth the price in the first week alone.

IHateYouFanboys4651d ago

its only 'more than worth the price in the first week alone' if you were going to buy those games/content this week WITHOUT PS+ even being around. so let me ask you this - were you, this week, going to buy WipeoutHD, Field Runners, Age of Zombies, Destruction Derby, and then some of the sale items, before youd even heard of PS+?

if not, then no, its not worth the price in the first week.

look, i can see that IF you are a HUGE spender on the Playstation Store, this will more than likely be a very good deal for you. but for those like me, who have bought 2, maybe 3 things from the PSStore since it opened, PS+ offers nothing. im not going to commit to US$49 a year for an undetermined amount of years just to play some games that i wouldnt have bought and probably dont even want - and thats essentially what youre doing, renting all these games for US$49 a year.

morganfell4651d ago

Yes I was going to buy Wipeout HD, MK, as well as the Fat Princess addition. This is the first week. Now get the f*ck back under your bridge.

moparful994651d ago

Cynical much? Maybe you havent purchased anything from the store not because you have no interest in the content, rather you are frugal and dont like the idea of spending that money.. Well with psn+ you get to try a myriad of games you otherwise might have ignored.. Your narrow opinion reflects the people your name suggests you despise.. I applaud sony's approach...

Redlogic4651d ago

PSN+ is much more than just renting games for $49 a month. Check out this link below, it does a better job describing the value in PSN+ than I have the patience for.


Carl14124651d ago

Right...So...Say you have NO INTENTION at all of buying a brand new Bugatti Veron. Someone comes along and says to you they'll give you one for free. By your logic, this is not a good deal.

BkaY4651d ago

early demos and beta access ... thts all i want .. anything else is bonus...


DigitalAnalog4651d ago

There's a thing in marketing called "Value". Look it up.

-End statement

Cenobia4651d ago

How the hell could you have only purchased 3 PSN games ever?

A statement like that makes me wonder why you even have a PS3. Do you use it only as a bluray player just based on principal or something? I think its pretty rare to have people on this site that don't actually play games.

I need an explanation! IT BOGGLES MY MIND!

EVILDEAD3604651d ago (Edited 4651d ago )

'How the hell could you have only purchased 3 PSN games ever?

A statement like that makes me wonder why you even have a PS3. Do you use it only as a bluray player just based on principal or something? I think its pretty rare to have people on this site that don't actually play games.'

Why is so strange that the guy only bought a couple of games from the store..

I own a Slim and I use the hell out of my Blu-Ray and buy the big exclusives for it.

GOW3, Both Uncharteds, MGS4, Demons Souls, Heavy Rain and upcoming Gran Turismo 5..THAT is the heart of PS3 gaming..why does someone have to 'explain' to you that you can be a PS3 Gamer without buying Fat Princess or Flower?

The guy explained his position on why he felt their was no value and Morganfell actually called him a troll..

Let's backscroll to at least twenty 360 articles and see who you find chimimg in..people giveth but they cant taketh

I'm not interested at the moment..but if PS3 gamers are excited for it then Sony and PS3 gamers win...bashing people for something they want or are fans of is silly

But I'm just laughing at the last four years of all of the hate the 360 got for Xbox Live charging 50 dollars a year..and everytime it added more services it got bashed..funny how times have changed

I'm hoping Sony has something else under it's sleeve to lure the rest of us towards plus..but only time will tell

nycredude4650d ago


You know what the difference is? Stop paying for your Live subscription and try to play a game online. Tell me what happens..

Montrealien4650d ago

but all this value you get out of plus is the same thing no? If you stop paying for plus, you lose all those games.

Don`t get me wrong, I like the idea of plus, even thouhg I don`t feel the need for it atm since I actualyl have most of those games already, but people who get access to those games with plus, lose access to those games if they stop paying right?

morganfell4650d ago (Edited 4650d ago )

No Montreal, you are wrong. You only lose the titles that were completely free. Anything that was bought and was discounted due to your PS+ membership is yours to keep forever and ever.

Montrealien4650d ago

and ever? hehe

its cool, I missunderstood that then.

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darthv724650d ago (Edited 4650d ago )

I was wondering that same thing. I believe the free items are really the ones in question. Free for the extent of your membership. Purchased items are purchased items whether they are at full or discounted cost. If you let your sub run out, the free items no longer work.

Live gives away freebies (or they used to) and if you choose not to renew you can still play those games fully offline. Ageas wing, undertow are just a couple of games they gave away for free to members when live was having issues and people complained about it. Didnt matter if you were silver or gold.

If you are someone who purchases lots of content through the psn then the PLUS service is a boon for you. Discounts are always good. If you are like me and only buy a few games on psn then it doesnt pay for itself to be a member.

In either case i like that you can still game online and that is a "plus" against live.

Although...rumor has it MS will be bringing some type of online play to silver members. Not sure if it involves a family system where if one person is gold, the rest can game online on the same system under different gamertags. OR, they will offer up a set amount of time per month. Like 24hrs or 48hrs that you can spend any way you want. Meaning in a single session or broken up in 1-2-3hr segments until you have reached the total amount allowed.

kidalot4650d ago

Wow just because 1 person can't justisty spening $49 on ps+ you can't accept that. It's not for EVERYONE. I personally can't justify spending any money on it yet because how much time I get to play on PS3, I'm not going to pay for service I probably won't use.
It's the main reason I don't have the 360, I want the online features but I don't use it enough to warrant $xx a month/year.

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badz1494651d ago

and brings great values for subscribers. What's there to hate??

sikbeta4651d ago

PS+ Gives you More for What You Pay, that's the Best Thing Ever, no-1 can go against it, for $50 a year you got loads of things + free stuff + discounts, This Service Deliver Greatness...

ABizzel14651d ago

They have my $50 and will continue to have it as long as they keep up with what they're doing, and add new features like they promised.

This is by far the best value ever.

$50 for 1 year, and just the first month alone I would have spent $37.50 had I bought the games separate. Well worth the $50.

Somnipotent4651d ago

i see potential in the concept, so i up'ed to plus. we need to get a group together of n4g plus members.

tplarkin74651d ago

I don't understand how anyone can defend PS Plus. You'd be better off spending $50 on stuff you really want on PSN.

PS Plus is the Bally's of the video game world. You pay a monthly fee and won't use the service.

dragon824650d ago

Who the hell are you to tell me what I will or will not use?? I consider myself a real gamer and therfore want any and every game i can get my hands on. Not only that but I am more than happy to support Sony with my $50 so they can continue to provide free online gaming for the rest of you. I pay microsft a yearly fee to use their online features so its only fair. If Nintendo had an online service I would gladly pay them for it too. Take off your fanboy goggles and become a productive member of the gaming community.

Christopher4650d ago

I bought games I normally wouldn't have... and I actually enjoy them and I am not upset about getting them at all.

If I had one complaint about PS+, it's that the free DLC is also reliant on maintaining my PS+ subscription as well as the usual free games I get from it.

I did already own some of the games, but getting the DLC for half off or for nothing at all was a great bonus.

jaysquared4650d ago

PSN+ Is truly a great value what I dont get is how Sony will make money to put into improving PSN?

vhero4650d ago

You cannot deny for value its more value than live for what you get but with live you are forced to buy it to play online. I am not saying it has more features just better value for money. I mean online play and cross chat are worth nothing..

r1sh124650d ago

This article did a good job of comparing both xbox live and PSN in terms of value.
They also made the point that the free games are really for "rent",
they spoke about the value, drawbacks and benefits.
Usually IGN are pretty biased.
the PSN is not far from over taking xbox live, they just need a large community, cross game chat and some sort of party chat system.
Then its pretty much over, although how many people are gonna use PSN +, when they could play free.
Cross game chat etc...Doesnt really matter if a group of friends are in playing the same game.
But its good to see PSN+ has so much to offer, andit can only improve from here.
My only other concern is since I pay for PSN+, other people who are using the free service, get accommodated on my expense, and improvements to the service, a small amount of cost will come from my subscription.
Not sure how I feel about that.

smoothdude4650d ago (Edited 4650d ago )

For me it is too early to decide if it is a good value. I just see Sony making PSN+ games ones that they are having a hard time getting people to buy. Avatars and backgrounds are not enough to pull me in, and the games that they are offering for free, I already have or I am not interested in.

I think that I am going to wait and see what is in store for the future before I put my money into this.

jeseth4650d ago

You still get all the current features for free, so it remains free to game online.

But the Playstation Plus package is making it really tough to resist with all the free swag and discounted content.

I didn't think I would get it but after scrolling through all the stuff you get for free from the PS Store, I think I'm going to sign up.

avengers19784650d ago

FREE STUFF...That I actually want. My main reason for loving PSN+ right now.

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HSx94651d ago

This current month, I really don't see much of a difference other than the discounts, lets be honest here, if I can afford $50, why are they cutting $4 content to $2? It literally makes no difference. It seems kind of pointless, hopefully we get more exclusive things in the future.

hazeblaze4651d ago

You seem to be missing the point... in this first month there is over $60 of savings once you add all of those discounts and free games up. That's just in one month... That $50 that "you can afford to spend" buys you discounts like that for 15 months... So your comment is full of fail. You're acting as if this month's content is the only stuff you will have access to for $50.

Army_of_Darkness4651d ago

"why are they cutting $4 content to $2? It literally makes no difference."

yo, thats half price rite there buddy! its like this weeks sale at my grocery store, $4 watermelons on sale for $2!!!
instead of paying $12 for 3 watermelons, I can now get like 6!!!! awesome sweetness!!
yo, you craaazy bro!!

HSx94651d ago

The thing is, i'm not going to buy the same DLC "6 times"

Ilikegames764651d ago

You really are slow, instead of buying the dlc 6x, use the money elsewhere to buy other things in the PSN store. You must be a new gamer or in elementary school.

Donny4651d ago (Edited 4651d ago )

i heart ps+ for the wipeout hd game. more people need to play this! its worth every penny signing up for ps+. also you obviously get tons of other features and games :)

darthv724651d ago

i already own wipeout hd. Now I really want to know if after you let your sub lapse, will your copy of wipeout be made into a trial or will you be told you have to pay for it or delete it.

I know mine wont.

The whole thin line of "you can keep the content for the length of your subscription" has me a bit perplexed.

Redlogic4651d ago

Once the sub runs out, you won't be able to play the "free" monthly PSN game unless you re-sub. Read the IGN article, it does a good job of putting the situation in lay-mans terms. So much so I'm really leaning towards getting PSN+.

jneul4651d ago

if you read the terms and conditions it sasy any content that you have purchased, you get to keep, it is only things like free trial's, so i presume if wipeoutHD was bought before psn+ ou will get to keep it.

darthv724651d ago

I like the discounts on stuff. It is like a costco membership for consoles.