Kotaku's Best of E3 2010 Award Winners

What were our favorite games of E3 this year? Let's take a look!

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jaredhart4598d ago (Edited 4598d ago )

Kotaku loves Dance Central!

SnuggleBandit4598d ago

Best 360 central


doctorspakles4598d ago (Edited 4598d ago )

Don't quite see your point. Considering that they thought it was better than portal 2 which is also on the 360.

raztad4598d ago


I think that IS exactly the problem. For Kotaku Dance Central > Portal 2.

tommyth3cat4598d ago (Edited 4598d ago )

You realize there is a whole subset of culture that loves to dance? Typical gamers don't care about it but people open to other things than the obvious RPG or FPS.

Gene4598d ago (Edited 4598d ago )

Yeah it's called clubbing not breaking shit in your house result of dance central lmao.

Abriael4598d ago (Edited 4598d ago )

seriously, this time Kotaku touched new and unprecedented lows. They're the ultimate shame to gaming "journalism".

And then people here have it against "Bloggers".

Maybe indipendented blogs are a good thing since the so called "professional" journalists pull out this kind of sold-out crap.

xg-ei8ht4598d ago

Jesus, what a joke that site really is.

Best Motion - Dance central, hahahahhahahah

ROFL all day long.

That will be the last time i visit that site.

doctorspakles4598d ago

I am sure you will be missed.

Rageanitus4598d ago

Was it any doubt..... Kotaku has always been pro xbox.

lightningsax4598d ago (Edited 4598d ago )

This isn't just pro-Xbox, this is pro-BS. I have no clue why they'd give out most of these awards. Heck, Kirby gets stuck with best character design! Why? He's Kirby, but he's made out of yarn! What about the environment or game mechanics? You know, the things that are actually good about that game?

otherZinc4598d ago

You guys have every site punked but maybe Kotaku. If these games are so damn great for PS3,tell a friend to buy that BS so said overrated game can sell 2 or 3 million in a month (NPD).

Then you loud mouth sob's would have a friggin leg to stand on when you guys talk all that ****!

lightningsax4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

Are you seriously standing up to defend these awards? Like, the ones that are actually on the page? If you're an X360 fan, you should be as concerned as anyone else about this, if not more so. A casual game just got marked as the best thing on your system at E3. I'm more flustered about the whole thing, best award aside.

I'm not saying this is too Xboxy. I'm saying that if they wanted to give a Best of E3 award to an Xbox title, it should have been something at the conference that we saw before Kinect came on stage. I felt like Kotaku was trolling.

BTW, Nintendo had the best showing at E3. NPD that.

Primetimebt4598d ago

If the best 360 game is dance central than I really feel sorry for people who own a 360.

4598d ago
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