Blue Dragon: Direct feed trailer

It's been a loooong time now since this Blue Dragon trailer was first shown in Japan, but for some reason it was never released as a good quality version until now.

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MySwordIsHeavenly5392d ago (Edited 5392d ago )

looks like a good solid game that'll sell 360's in japan. THAT'S ABOUT IT! How does it plan to take-over Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts? I mean, the 360 itself will be getting a final fantasy...i'm not just saying "kill the ps3"...i'm saying that it looks like another attempt at luring in the japanese gamers and it will fail miserably and become another generic, terrible game

Sphinx5392d ago

this game looks "hella cool". I will, more than likely, buy this game... unless it can be beat in a weekend, then I'd just rent it.

silent ninja5392d ago

and this trailer from last year wonder how the game looks currently

zypher5392d ago

looking good. not sure how it will appeal to the American 360 crowd, whose like seems to lie exclusively with fps'. this could be the game to spur the 360's sales in Japan however. hopefully. i myself am DEFINATELY keeping this on my radar.

dikturbo5391d ago

This is one of the games that put the 360 on my high interest list. Provided its not a turn based card type game and more action/adventure, I'm sold.

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